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  • Jeremy S Jeremy S Dec 22, 2008 11:43 AM Flag

    Be Very Aware!!!

    You may not know me, but I would like to help everyone in this YAHOO! Fantasy community. I receintly joined a public head-to-head fantasy basketball league called Hoop Dreams, it is ran by this cheating, scum, low life, jerk named Chris R. He has been a member for several years now and I am new to this fantasy sports ordeal and I just wanted everyone to know what has happend so that you don't have to face the same problems I did. Hopefully justice will come swiftly to this jerk, but in September, prior to the begining of the b-ball season, I joined the previously mentioned league and had no clue who any of the people were. I thought it was kinda wierd because there were only 6 teams in the league, so I got drafted a Very good team. I played the commish (Chris R.) of the league like the 3rd week in, and I had been doing very well at this point. On the second day of play I was beating him in every catagory, he must not take well to loosing because he started dropping my roster to the bench right before games started, I was a little upset and called the act childish after I found out that no-one else's team was being treated as such, so then the cheating piece of excrement started taking players from a second team that I receintly foun out he owned in the same league. That means he owned 2 of the 6 teams in one league! So when I relized what was going on I called him out on his cheating, and what happend? he locked up everything instead of owning up he pulled the punk card and locked everyone in the league from talking, trading or anything. Then he started stealing my players, I have found out that nothing can really be done about it now except avoiding his leagues and not letting this jerk join any or your league's!!! I AM CALLING FOR A BOYCOTT OF "CHRIS R." DO NOT JOIN HIS LEAGUE'S HE WILL CHEAT, DON'T LET HIM JOIN YOUR LEAGUE'S HE IS A CHEATER...HOPEFULLY, WITH ALL OF YOUR HELP WE CAN RID OURSELF'S OF THIS LOW LIFE, BOTTOM FEEDING, PIECE OF CHEATING DEFICATION!!!

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