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  • RVL RVL Dec 10, 2008 1:54 PM Flag

    If you like Yahoo fantasy sports try this!

    I am trying to find 20 serious managers! I want to have the same 20 managers participate in 6 Yahoo sports all year round. Golf, Auto Racing, Baseball, Football, Hockey, and Basketball. All 20 managers would compete together in each of the 6 sports. Starting with Golf this Jan. It would end with Hockey and Basketball which would end in Apr. of 2010. The points would go as follows. 1st place = 20 points, 2nd place = 19 points, etc. with 20th place being 1 point. I'll keep track of them and post them in leagues as the year goes on. If you are interested let me know because the first 19 people that get back to me are accepted. I'd also like to do it for money but I don't see how that would work so we'll just do it for fun.

    Email - ryan.vanderlinde@yahoo.ca


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