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  • matt matt Dec 10, 2008 5:33 AM Flag

    Hold on to Tmac through injury?

    currently my team is suffering from injuries. Tmac and Chris Kaman are currently injured for atleast 3 more weeks. Should I try and trade them or hold on to them and take the hit to my points.

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    • I also have Tmac in one of my leagues and i did drop him! 3 weeks in an H2H league is gonna hurt you so much. Plus, when he gets back he will be limited to 15 or below minutes per game. Better get a decent FA now depending on your need.

    • I am in a deep H2H 14 team league and need some DIRE HELP!

      Are there any suggested moves via trades or waivers i should look into?

      If you respond I will help with your questions too

      We play daily rosters with the following categories:

      FGM, FT%, FG%, PTS, RB, AST, ST, BLK, TO

      Current team:

      PG: Chris Duhon
      SG: Manu ginobili
      G: Monta Elis
      SF: Danny granger
      PF: Marvin williams
      C: Rasho Nesterovic
      C: Kendrick perkins
      Utility: kevin Love
      Utility: wilson chandler
      Bench 1: Roger mason
      Bench 2: Matt bonner
      Bench 3: CJ Miles

    • if your standings is still decent then wait out. those players r studs or possibly trade both for a great star now if your really worried about losing