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  • ballstein ballstein Dec 6, 2008 3:53 AM Flag


    unless you are in desperate need of rebounds don't do it.

    remember that monta ellis is coming back and crawford is very streaky.
    zach randolph is good but he's not that good, esp. his TO's and his fg% is not very attractive for a big man.

    chris paul (nothin' to say), manu is going to be relied on heavily by the spurs because only him, tony, and duncan know how to score. the spurs really need to do some catching up in order to reach the playoffs and popovich will have no choice but to play them.

    chris paul > zach
    ginobili > jamal

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    • GREAT ADVICE THANKS ALOT. yea i wasnt seriously considering this trade anyways. cp3 is a machine, took him first pick, and im always reluctant to trade him. now the same guy has changed the trade to rashard lewis and randolph for cp3 and manu. what do u think?

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      • Z Bo in LA is bad news for fantasy owners. He has to share rebounding load w/ two other big men: Kaman and Camby (they are both outstanding rebounders). So, the only thing he's good at goes down. as for Manu, he's got tremendous upside now that hez healthy again. I see him as a 20-5-5 guy by the end of the season w/ 2 3ptm. and then therez CP3, CP3 is >>>>Rashard Lewis. So, I would NOT pull the trigger on this trade if I were you.

      • oo....man that's kind of tough but i wouldn't do it still. (yet)

        yet because if the clips are stupid and don't trade kaman or camby, then you're going to have 3 big man eating into each others values, and that's not good at all.

        on the other hand, if kaman gets traded (lots of trade rumors about him now). that means similar production from randolph as he was with the knicks with slightly less points and boards and maybe a little better fg%.

        either way it'll have to depend on your whole team, because you're giving alot of assists and steals in exchange for boards, beyond that i don't see much else you stand to benefit in.

        just look at it this way:

        rbds: you gain alot
        3pt: you gain a little
        blks: about the same, maybe gain a little
        pts: you might gain a little, might
        fg%: about the same
        to's: you might lose, you might gain, about the same
        ft%: you lose some
        asts: you lose alot
        stls: you lose alot

      • Hell no, play to your weaknesses, if you are in need of rebounds, and is willing to give up CP3 and Manu, you should go for elite PFs or Cs like CB4, D12, Big Al, Duncan, or Jamison to name a few.

      • You still shouldnt do it
        cp3's always got a chance at a triple double
        hes too good to give up especially with manu
        manus doin pretty well right now and hes still getting used to playing again
        hes only gonna get better


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