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  • ballstein ballstein Dec 6, 2008 3:48 AM Flag

    Did I win This trade?

    no..........................you lose big time boy.
    unless you expect david west to blow up and put up YAO-like stats (lol). and unless you have someone that you really want to pick up in the waivers, this trade is terrible for you.

    kidd and yao for west and harris. that's ok, it might not even be in your favor still.

    kidd (meh),
    okur (will get better with deron's playmaking and boozers return which will allow him to return to his sweet outside jumpers),
    yao ming (will get better as he slowly works himself back into the game from his injury over the summer).

    you're giving up major BOARDS, THREES, ASSISTS, ft%, points, blks.

    stls, and fg% will be about the same, maybe you might gain a little in the fg% category.

    even looking at the most basic stats you lose, if you add the other cat. in you got screwed even further

    harris: 25-4-6; he's not going to get better than this
    west: 17-7-2; he's plateaued

    yao: 18-9-1
    okur: 14-7-2


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