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    My Lebron for Grant Hill and Gilbert Arenas?

    sorry, i had to get your attention, but i do really need help, can you help me please?

    Okay, i am have a lot of problems, many of my people dont play a lot, i don't mean in minutes. i mean in games. And if they do play, i need them to put up some #s. Many of my players are in the same team. For Example. Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo, they're both in Celtics. Tayshaun and Rip Hamilton are in the same team.
    im having trouble with who i should trade for. i need people that will better my team that are from teams that i dont already have. like Toronto. or like phili, or lakers.
    Many says i have a good team, but im going to drop in rank because i have a lot of people in the same team. Most of my people are just average.
    Here is my team so far:
    LeBron James
    Brandon Roy
    Ray Allen
    O.J Mayo
    Tayshaun Prince
    Wilson Chandler
    Rajon Rondo
    Luis Scola
    Shawn Marion
    Michael Beasley
    Samuel Dalembert
    Richard Hamilton
    Andrew Bogut
    Deron Williams

    who should i get? i am wondering who i should trade for, and who to give up
    i am in a 8 team league. The free agency actually has some decent people. I need advice on who i should add or who i should drop for the free agents.

    Here are the "better" players in the free agency:
    Spencer Hawes
    Andrea Bargnani
    Paul Millsap
    Beno Udrih
    Marc Gasol
    Marquis Daniels
    Kelenna Azebuike
    DJ. Augustin
    Luol Deng
    Gilbert Arenas
    Monta Ellis
    Jr Smith
    Shane Battier
    Matt Barnes
    Quinten Richardson
    Nate Robinson
    Jameer Nelson

    I am trying to make this team better, but many people tell me that i just have to give this team some time. Please, dont tell me that. I really need to make it better, add some better people. Any advice?

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