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    I go into the week with a killer squad and my opponent has a semi decent team. Well he adds and drops the first two days against my team and stays within reach then he adds and drops for Thursday when there were few teams playing. He fills his team up with scrubs that nickel and dime me to death and contiuned to do this to me all week. So I tried dropping my players and adding mediocre players to fill the day roster. Well it backfired on me why? Because streamers with bad teams in the championship game have the advantage. They fill up their roster to max everyday with scrubs. Then when you try to combat them by doing the same (except your releasing good players to max out everyday) they put in a waiver request for all of your good players dropped. Then they end up getting all of them because you can not put in a waiver for players that you dropped and most of the other teams don't care too much at that time and don't put in any waiver request! Are you kidding me. How is that strategy fair. It rewards bad teams. If I don't STREAM he will nickel and dime me to death and if I do STREAM he gets ALL of my good players.

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    • What are you going to do in the off-season? actually get a life or some resemblance of one or keep posting nonsensical bs on a daily basis for your momma to read

    • he was the commish for this league why ar eyou bitching your the only one responsible for this ... did no one else care ?

    • Instead of writing all that you could have wrote "I'm a big fat loser". Would have saved us a lot of time.

    • join a league with a limit on moves made

    • Ya man I had the same thing...A stacked team with players that decide to quit the last week of the season. Yahoo needs to shorten the fantasy season by about 2 weeks.

    • My opponent did the streaming thing to me in the finals, and I did it with the three or four scrubs I had on my roster. He made it closer than it should have been, but I still won!

    • Streamers defending streamers man there is nothing worse. BTW here is my trophy http://profiles.sports.yahoo.com/aS1wnAhyjDe1PWrgEIoudd64wKYXlM6tsLWJc

    • Don't get mad at me because I'm puttin git out there for everyone to see. Streamers defend streamers just like crooks defend crooks. You man up and go toe to toe you can bob and weave just don't run out the ring grab a chair when the refs not looking and call that fair because you were not disqualified. Streamers know the only why to win is by finding loopholes that no one else can use. If it were fair both teams could do it but it favors Streamers and that is where my beef lays. Man up people Man up

    • Actually I didn't lose but it was closer than it should have been. Check out my trophies

    • Everybody keeps advising about drop your bottom players or roll with what you have. My league has 13 slots 10 starters 3 bench. My team is Paul, Bryant, Granger, Josh Smith, Okafor, Camby, D. Williams, Jefferson, Baron Davis, D. Howard, T. Chandler, Jamison, and J.R. Smith. Now who the heck am I suppose to drop out that bunch without giving my opponent an advantage? Tuesday I had 10 playing, Wednesday 6, Thursday 4, Friday 8 Saturday 10, Sunday 3 Mon 4 Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 10. That's a total of 62 when my opponent Streams for a max total of 90. That means that if my guys average 20 pts 10 reb 7 ast 2 stl 2 bls between them all. All he has to average is 13 pts 6 reb 4ast 1stl and 1 bls. On Tuesday I noticed he made a lot of adds and drops which didn't worry me too much cause I beat him on Tuesday and had enough for him Wednesday. Wednesday he did it again and max out for Thursday when I only had 3 guys playing so I dropped 3 of my players D. Williams, Granger and J.R. Smith and added 3 more players to have an competitive roster number to his. Now that is not too bad but here is where I have a problem. When I try to put in a waiver claim to get one if not all of those players back I get a prompt saying I can't pick them up until they clear waivers. Which opens up the doors for my opponent to grab all of them to torch me for the weekend. So I go into the weekend where if I keep my roster intact I would have 10 playing Saturday but i didn't so now I have 8 playing. Being that I was behind on everything but FG%, TO and Techs I drop Howard and Bryant to give me 10. Now my line up for the whole week is jacked up because even though my players played well this week we were behind because of my opponent sheer ability to max out games and snatch up my players when I release them to try to keep up. If this was a fair system I should at least have the ability to grab my own players on the waiver wire to counter my opponent just like he countered me. But it's a one way street that's built for weaker teams. Fantasy Welfare that's what I call it!

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