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  • King Fish King Fish Apr 17, 2008 1:52 PM Flag


    Whatever!! I wouldnt say i streamed this year in the regualar season. But i did have alot of moves. most were cause of injuries or squad adjustments after trades or adjusting to my foe for the week. But just because im active in my leagues does mean i dont have life. Its not my fault that i can play all i want at work. I did stream in the championship game. but we both did. I won. You guys need to get over it!! Why you guys need to bag on players for useing the rules to there full advantage and try and bash other managers cause they did is beyond me. I guess your just a bunch of sore losers. Losers being the Key word!
    I sware you guys are acting like a bunch of grade school girls!
    If you got beat by a streamer, then maybe you should manage better or play freaking Roto.
    A bunch of freaking B@tches!!


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