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  • keith s keith s Apr 19, 2008 10:50 AM Flag


    Hey Eyedoctor-add these to your list
    Cheater #1 Dribble Pass Shoot Score (ID# 4201) 00 K Skywalkers kimberley s * kimmaculate@yahoo.com

    Cheater #2 kentuckiana (ID# 57917) esiebert Evert S * bigtank_03@yahoo.com

    Cheater #3 NBA Teamwork (ID# 89946)
    DaFins marino.1369 * marino.1369@yahoo.com
    I am beating him in the finals 9-1 so he benched all teams players including mine and locked all rosters then look at the posts he put up in the league
    Post #1 At the request of Yahoo, all players have been benched. We will try again next year.
    Post #2 Just you and me, may the best team win
    Post #3 I win!! Thanks for playing guys, I will send you an invite next year.

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    • Not sure a list will help all a cheater has to do is change his or her ID. Yahoo is going to implement a Commissioner rating system in the near future which will Help you make a better choice. I wrote yahoo back in the middle of the season and was told the rating system will be like a 1 to 10 type rating. This still does not stop a cheater from changing their ID but it may help some. Unfair play will always be around no matter what just make sure you ask a lot of questions before the season starts and leave your self an out by not filling your ID with all 4 teams until you are satisfied that this is a league you want to be in.

      Good Luck to all...and keep playing; this is a great game.

      Look for my ID next year and be assured it will be a fair league.


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