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  • EyeDoctors EyeDoctors Apr 18, 2008 12:35 AM Flag


    3 pts to consider

    1. Some people dont have the time or simply DO NOT prefer

    to be the commish of a league

    2. when you join YAHOO private leagues, there's no way to

    know all the league commissioners (especially rookies)

    3. some players prefer the settings of private leagues or

    they simply dont know the difference between them at first.

    COme on, all of us JUST WANT to play. And when you play you

    want to win. Everybodys assuming that YAHOO! has already

    thought this stuff out already by now. Maybe Im just also

    trying to improve gameplay.

    As ive said before, cheaters will surely change their

    names. In fact they will do everything just to keep their

    DEFLATED EGOS afloat. BUt the fact remains that when they

    and other players (especially those playing with them in

    their leagues) SEE THEIR NAMES in the list, theyd know and

    everyone who visits this site that WE ARE AWARE.

    I did not do this because im sourgraping or whatever. I

    placed 2nd in the league where i encountered the cheaters i

    listed. I even won over him 2 days BEFORE the commish locked the 2

    cheaters. But i did this,first and foremost,

    because i do not want this to CONTINUE. YAHOO created this

    game. And im sure they can FIX this unless they have a

    reason to KEEP IT AS IT IS.

    I respect ALL the opinions posted but forgive mine as well.

    At least i LEARNED a lot from this experience.

    and finally...


    im thinking of making a league and be the commish

    and INVITE in 1 league - the cheaters

    and in the other league - those who SAY we cannot do anything about cheating and those who SAY that WE are WASTING OUR TIME

    WILL YOU JOIN? THAT WOULD BE THE BEST YAHOO! LEAGUE with all the sinister and sick minds in there HAHAHAHA. This invitation is OPEN TO ALL of YOU OUT THERE

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