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  • boomer boomer Feb 29, 2008 7:21 PM Flag


    what side would u pick and why
    A. Monta Ellis, Ray Allen, Chris Kaman, Samuel Dalembert, Ron Artest, Jason Terry (all ranked inside 100)
    B. Baron Davis, Dwight Howard, Amare Stoudemire, Larry Hughes, Delonte West

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    • Team A wins big. i wish i could make that trade!!

    • team b baron davis is awesome

    • Team A is going to allow you to compete in more categories.

      Assuming it's the standard 9 categories for fantasy...I'll state which team has the edge.
      PTS: TIE: at first glance team B, but it's actually a close call: Davis and Stoudemire are guaranteed 20 point scorers, and Howard is going to give you 15-20, but Hughes and West are inconsistent at best and maybe will give you another 20+ between the two of them. Team B has Ellis who is on a tear and averaging almost 30 points a game at freakish percentages, Allen will give you around 20, Terry and Artest can both give you at least 15-20 with the pretty frequent 20-30 point game, and Dalembert and Kaman will both give you around 10+ points a game.
      FG%: Team B - Howard and Stoudemire bolster that FG%
      FT%: Team A - Howard single handedly kills Team B's FT%
      THREES: Team A. Ray Allen, Terry, Artest vs. Davis as the only 3pt shooter.
      REB: Team B: At first glance, Howard and Stoudemire should easily win REB, but Team A has decent rebounding too in Kaman, Dalembert, and Artest
      ASTS: tough call - TIE: Davis, of Team B, is the best AST guy of these players, but basically only Davis and West are going to give you any ASTS, while Team A has contributions from more players: Ellis, Allen, Artest, Terry
      BLKS: Team B: Howard and Stoudemire edge Kaman and Dalembert -- but again Team A is respectable here
      STLS: Team A: Artest, Terry, Ellis and even Allen will throw in some steals.
      TO: Team A is already a low TO team, while Team B has Howard and Davis who are going to be the two largest sources of TOs amongst all the players listed.

      Team A pretty much has a guaranteed win in 3 categories (FT%, THREES, TO), and a likely win in another (STLS).

      Team B only has the obvious advantage in only FG%, and a likely win in BLKS.

      The remaining categories (PTS, AST, and REB) are all close calls and could swing to either team given the week. I'd give the edge in REB to Team B because Kaman has been injured lately, but even without Kaman, PTS and AST are up in the air. I think Team A has the slight edge in AST due to contributions from more players and PTS being a crap shoot.

      That leaves Team A with a win in 5 categories and Team B with 3. The last category is a crapshoot, but even with Team B taking it, it'd still be Team A: 5, Team B: 4.

    • Team B by far...Kaman can't stay healthy

    • Team B Hands Down...Nuff Said.

    • roto league i would take team A. Dwight Howard is a killer on FT% and TO. Kaman is a poor mans Howard, with better FT%. Head to head, no brainer Team B.


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