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  • nicholas c nicholas c Feb 6, 2008 6:11 PM Flag


    Am i the only person who thinks this is the stupidest trade in the world?
    I can't imagine this benefiting Phoenix in the least....
    can you guys explain this to me?

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    • Yea i say BAD TRADE shaq is not good no doubt about it. marion he is going to get big numbers down in miami

    • Shaq at Center, Amare at PF... Nash and Shaq both have great offensive minds. Not that bad of a trade benefits both team... Now maybe the Suns can actually win a title

    • I agree with the TC. I know Shaq was brought in for defensive reasons, but he can only defend centers and some power forwards compared to Marion who can defend many people from the PG position to PF. Not to mention he's better offensively. The only reason they made the trade is b/c they are afraid of the Lakers and Spurs.

    • ya i dont see y any team would trade that good for shaq

    • I agree. What is Phoenix going to do with a washed up center? He is not going to fit in to the run and gun structure of this team. His fat @$$ cant move. Steve Kerr hit Mardi Gras too hard on this one, becuase he had to be drunk to make this deal.

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      • Come on now, Shaq wouldn't even be guarding Sheed, Amare will most likely. Shaq will be playing against whoever their interior post player is period. Most likely McDeyess (a post guy who stays inside)

        What run and gun team has ever won an NBA title??? get back to me on that one.

        To win NBA title's requires balance...gotta be able to run and execute a half court set....and most importantly Play great Defense!!!!

        When was Phoenix ever a balanced offensive or good defensive team?

        This is a great trade for the Suns

    • Dude, Phoenix had no shot at beating the Spurs or Lakers in the playoffs.

      That run n gun stuff is cute for the regular season, but in the playoffs you have to be balanced enough to not only run your fast breaks,,, but also grind it out in half court sets...Every NBA championship team throughout history has been able to do this.....prove me wrong, I dare you.

      The Suns needed Shaq, to take heat off of Amare. This isn't about Shaq's stats...his presence alone will do wonders for them defensively and offensively.

      (To all you haters that say Diesel can't keep up with them...The Showtime Lakers managed to win 3 chips in the 80's with a 40 year old Kareem Abdul Jabar trailing behind). The Suns are the team to beat in the West

    • I'm sure this is the better option for the Suns, rather than having Marion just leave them as a free agent, and them not getting anything out of him. Mind you, I don't think Shaq will give them anything more than Marion gave them.... But for the Heat this is a great trade. Marion is a still a 20pt/10reb beast with the outside threat and along with Dwayne Wade they can lead a struggling Miami team. With all the cap space cleared up with Shaq gone they can also try and sell J-Will, who will need to go for Banks for become a stable part of the rotation

    • if u look at this team its the same for the past 3 years and they hav a gud regular season record, but NEVER go to the NBA finals, with SHAQ it cud make a difference, they hav power over duncan, wit shaq, amare wud benefit wit this. they had to make a trade to change the roster.

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      • agree
        suns have been running its "run and gun" model for several years but yet it did not make the final (though last year they almost make it.....but horry....)

        the management will not just sit and wait until the suns stop at the conference final this year, they have to make some changes. while shaq have 4 rings and will be experience enough to lead the young guns of suns

    • they just traded the best fantasy player for the worst free throw shooter in the world.. wtf!! so how stupid is that??

    • The common theme seems to be everyone thinks the Suns made a horrible move, but, in reality they didnt. Why have they not won a title yet? Cuz they never had a big man to match up with the other teams, mainly duncan. Granted, they could have gotten someone better, but, if shaq can give them 30 minutes per game during the playoffs, producing at a clip of about 15-10-2, itll be worth it, cuz that should be enough to help them win, becuz he can stop duncan, something that no other sun could have done. also, marion wanted out, he wasnt gettin along with amare, and they had to move him b4 they lost him in free agency, so trading him makes sense there as well. they dont need his production, as shown by a 2pt loss to the hornets, who just happen to be another top team in the west. their time is running out, nash is getting old, they have teh win now mentality and i think for this season adding shaq could possibly be enough for them to win it all, if not the very least win the west, as duncan will not be able to stomp them anymore.

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