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  • Aaron W Aaron W Jan 31, 2008 9:40 PM Flag


    where can i imrpove or wat trades should i do?

    PG Tony Parker
    SG Anthony Parker
    G Rafer Alston
    SF John Salmons
    PF Rashard Lewis
    F Mike Miller
    C Brad Miller
    Util Rasheed Wallace
    Util LeBron James
    BN Danny Granger
    BN Grant Hill
    BN Sean Williams
    BN Earl Watson

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    • First off I would try and get Chris Webber off free agents but if you can't get him I would try and acquire J.Kidd by trading T.Parker & R.Alston. Combined Parker & Alston average 11.4 assists per game. J.Kidd averages 10.4 plus he averages 8.2 rebounds a game almost the same as a average starting center. So you don't lose no critical stats by trading 2 for 1 and you gain a roster slot plus it's a good trade for both sides.

      Another trade possibility would be to trade J.Salmons & S.Williams. Williams could lose time when Nenad Krstic comes back in 2 weeks. Salmons is losing time because K.Martin, M.Bibby & R.Artest have all returned from injuries. In the 3 league I'm in Salmons has been dropped. But if package Salmons with Williams you might be able to get E.Brand. The trade is not good to you right away but Brand will be back in action in 2 weeks. Brand will averages 22.4 PPG + 9.4 Rebounds per game and average over 2 blocks a game. You don't lose out on points or blocks and you get a roster spot to pick up a player that fits your teams needs.

      One more trade that would be good for your team would be A.Parker + J.Salmons for A.Jamison. Give up a lil bit of 3's and ppg for a big man who can get you rebounds and shoot 3's. Perfect for your team cuz you got R.Lewis & R.Wallace, Jamison would go great with your team.

      If you don't like none of my suggestions I would try and package a deal to acquire a player that has all around stats like a A.Igudala, M.Ginobili, R.Artest etc. etc. Get players like this that can get you points, rebounds, steals, assists. None of these players will lead the league in any of these categories but they are great fantasy players.

    • Besides lebron and maybe granger... Ur team is full of bums.

    • you want a rating...look at your standings in your league...


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