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    Ask CHOstradamus

    My name is Josh aka CHOstradamus. I shall do my best to make time every day to give free fantasy basketball advice. If you have any questions, please ask. I do, however wish to offer some guidelines.

    Trade Questions
    Please tell me:
    1. How many team league?
    2. Is it rotisserie or Head to Head league format?
    3. Who are players on your team?
    4. What stats are you struggling in?

    FA/Waiver Questions
    Please tell me:
    1. Who your team is (to see if someone is worth dropping)
    2. What stats you are struggling in.

    *Also, just to let you all know, I will answer questions usually between the hours of 4PM and 6PM, but scattered here and there throughout the night as well. Thanks guys and keep'em comin! :-)

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    • im in a 10 team H2H, currently in 5th place. 11 stat categories - FG%, FT%, 3, 3%, PTS, REB, AST, STLS, BLKS, TO, PF

      there is a three way trade going on. im trying to trade Salmons before Bibby and Martin come back. im also trying to trade Jose Calderon before Ford comes back. im struggling in 3's and 3% and the competition is close. could this trade put me over the top?

      one guy gets: Richard Jefferson, Jason Richardson, Emeka Okafor
      another guy gets: John Salmons, Jose Calderon, Zach Randolph, James Jones
      i get: Ray Allen, Mike Miller, Rudy Gay

      who wins this trade?

      here's my team:
      PG Chris Paul (NO - PG)
      SG Wally Szczerbiak (Sea - SG,SF)
      G Kevin Durant (Sea - SG,SF)
      G Jose Calderon (Tor - PG)
      SF Hedo Turkoglu (Orl - SG,SF)
      PF Yi Jianlian (Mil - PF)
      F Al Jefferson (Min - PF,C)
      F Richard Jefferson (NJ - SF)
      C Sean Williams (NJ - PF,C)
      C Yao Ming (Hou - C)
      Util Brendan Haywood (Was - C)
      Util Rashad McCants (Min - PG,SG)
      BN John Salmons (Sac - SG,SF)
      BN James Jones
      BN Antonio Daniels (Was - PG)

      also do u see any other weaknesses of my team? anybody that i should drop?

      thanks in advance.

    • Ginobli for Crawford/Felton

      Should i do it

    • alright boss here ya go...10 team H2H...im in 1st...15 players per team...5 bench...i recently traded Kaman for AI bc im around 500 with pts and fgm each week and i dominate the defensive catagories with ease...ive lost once 7-8...anyway injuries are killing me and my pg arent extravagent...

      k thomas
      raja bell
      d lee
      and my injuries are redd...ak-47...and g hill

      i dont win the 3 catagory and dont care to...im thinking to trade for d howard...the guy who has him has awful shooting guards...then i can get rid of thomas and pull a more offensive player...ideas??? since i picked up webster and salmons my closest week has been 10-4-1...attempts are catagories in this league as well...

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      • Hey Hugh, how's the mansion lookin' these days?

        I'm a bit curious to know what the extra 5 categories are in your league. I'm used to the 5x5 leagues, so I can't say for sure without that information that I will be 100% in my advice to you. However, what I can say is, you've got an outstanding team. Your centers in Camby and Amare are already great, and having Kaman would've just made it even nastier. If you're in first... that means your team doesn't need much tweaking. You've gone out and gotten a stud in AI, so stick it out with your team and continue to dominate as you have been. And also, please send me an invite to your next party. Thanks, haha! Hope that helps!

        Josh aka CHOstradamus

    • 12-teams, H2H, struggling in FT's, TO's and 3's. roster updated daily.

      PG Jose Calderon
      SG Vince Carter
      G Kevin Martin
      SF Gerald Wallace
      PF Danny Granger
      F Mike Dunleavy
      C Dwight Howard
      C Nazr Mohammed
      Util Jameer Nelson
      Util Kevin Garnett
      BN Beno Udrih
      BN Ben Wallace
      BN Antawn Jamison

      From a rotisserie standpoint, I'm currently second in FG%, Assists and Points. I'm first in Rebounds, Steals, Blocks. I'm next to last in TO's and FT% and I'm middle of the pack in 3's.

      The second place guy offered me Chris Paul for Vince Carter/Jose Calderon. I want to accept b/c I'm gambling that TJ Ford will come back and Calderon will lose a lot of his value. Additionally, I think Carter is definitely not going to play as well as he did last year (contract year). Oh yea, CP3 is playing out of his mind.

      Thoughts? I know if it ain't broke, don't fix it...but c'mon, it's Chris Paul. I gotta consider that...

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      • Hey Alex,

        You say it's a H2H league, so we don't really need all that "from a rotisserie standpoint business." In a lot of ways, the strategies are just completely different. I do believe, though, as you are thinking, that Ford will come back soon, thus limiting Calderon's value YET again...even though all Calderon does is play well when he gets the chance(this is probably why you picked him up.)

        SO, I know that I say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it.." BUT, in this case, you're not just fixin', you're improving greatly into the best current fantasy player in Paul. I take this deal and then look on the free agency wire for another guy who makes some decent treys like DeShawn Stevenson or Kareem Rush. DOOO IT!! :-)

        Josh aka CHOstradamus

    • need 2 of the 3 Yi, Sean Williams, of Nene I need blocks and thats about it still I will take a decent ft,fg, and just the 2 best players

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      • Hey Mr.SumBody,

        This one is pretty simple. I love Williams upside and even with limited time, you know he'll get his swats. The other guy I like is Yi because I think Milwaukee continues to start him and give him minutes. He's had some cold games and hot games, but he'll nab you a block a game. As far as Nene goes... he's sharing time with K-Mart AND he will hurt your FT% too much. Hope this helps!

        Josh aka CHOstradamus

    • Any advice/ comments would be really appreciated...I took over a inactive owner of dead keeper league team, the team was in 13th of 14 place when i took over about a week and a half ago, Im about to go into 12th after this weekend, but heres the before and after for the team (we keep 5 players) after the last couple trades/Fa pickups ive made. this is my first year playin, so i think ive done a pretty goo djob, what do y'all think?
      Cena's crew:
      PG: earl watson
      SG: kobe
      SF: caron butler
      PF: gerald wallace
      C: darko
      util: mike miller
      util udonis hasleem
      util: josh childress
      bench: bibby, tim thomas, matt carrol, nene
      Team Trogdor
      PG: jason kidd
      SG: paul pierce
      SF Caron butler
      PF: gerald wallace
      C: Jermaine O neal
      util rudy gay
      util channing frye
      util: josh childress
      bench: bibby, tim thomas,open spot(about to be mike conley)

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      • Hey Josh, great name... hahaha, yours and your team's. How can anyone go wrong when they've named their team after an imaginary dinosaur from an oldschool email checker blog? Strongbad was the man, haha. Anyway, on to fantasy! I do think that you've done a good job of putting a solid team together. The only thing that I can see as missing is that all-important stud center. Now, I know Jermaine can be good, but I'm talking about the guy that will keep your FG% up by taking high percentage shots down low. Your 5 keepers going into next year would be in no particular order: Gay, Wallace, Pierce, Butler, and maybe O'Neal(just cuz you really need to have at least one good center.) Next year, draft that stud center, although in a 14 team league, you're probably going to be out of luck finding one. See if you can package O'Neal with Kidd to get a stud center + good pg in return. Hope that helps!

        Josh aka CHOstradamus

    • Here is my team:
      PG Baron Davis
      SG Kevin Durant
      G Kobe Bryant
      SF Tayshaun Prince
      PF Kevin Garnett
      F Jamario Moon
      C Kurt Thomas
      C Dwight Howard
      Util Andres Nocioni
      Util John Salmons
      BN Andre Miller
      BN Nate Robinson

      This is a 12 player head to head league. I just want your opinion on my team and what I should do with it. I am in need of a centre and a scorer or a combination of both. Can you please tell me who I can give up and who I should get.

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      • Enoch,

        You say 12-player league, but I'm going to assume that you DO NOT mean 12-team league, and that you mean you have 12 players on your team.... Unless nobody was at the draft and they preranked their favorite teams or something, I can't imagine how you ended up being able to nab Garnett, Kobe, B.Davis and D.Howard.... Did you trade for them? If you managed to get this team, you don't really need anything.... Howard and Thomas should suffice, I think. Hope this helps!

        Josh aka CHOstradamus

    • Hey cho... One more thing. In ur opinion, is there any c in the league that is worth a straight up trade 4 kg?? Jefferson? Kaman??

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      • I would honestly never do it.... EVER... BUT, given different circumstances I could see someone trading for Camby, Ming or Amare... All-around numbers-wise, I'd have to stick with Garnett... BUT, again let's say it's last month or so of the season and all you have to make up on is blocks and boards. In rotisserie, you've probably already built up enough in the percentages where the trade wouldn't hit you there too much. Hope this helps!

        Josh aka CHOstradamus

    • I'm in an 8 team roto league; I want to get rid of Ray Allen for someone who scores about the same and rebounds better. Who do you think I can get for him. I am dominating in 3s and assists. Here is my team (1st place):
      Baron Davis
      Dwyane Wade
      Ray Allen
      Hedo Turkoglu
      Shawn Marion
      Danny Granger
      Marcus Camby
      Brad Miller
      Jason Kidd
      Zydrunas Ilgauskas
      Ricky Davis
      Jason Terry
      Ronnie Brewer
      T.J. Ford
      Earl Watson

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      • Hey Carson,

        I don't get to say this too often, but DO NOT MESS with success! :-) Usually it's people in desperation asking questions, haha, but your desire to improve your team is probably what has you at first, and that's extremely commendable. Your team is in first place, and I'd say just keep up what you're doing. You would like to get someone who boards more, but you already have a guy like Camby who's behind only D.Howard in rpg, and even a PG that grabs about 9 a la Jason Kidd. When Wade is back at full force, he can also board well. Not to mention, B.Miller is playing well, you have Z... omg... I'm gonna stop, you don't need to make any moves! Haha, nice team. Hope that helps! Or at least boosts your ego a few notches.

        Josh aka CHOstradamus

    • I trade Garnett and Harrington or J. O'Neal

      I get Camby.

      Do you think this is fair? Which combo of guys do you think has the best chance of pushing this trade over the edge??

      -I understand that J is the bettter C than Harrington but given J's kne problems , I thingk he's due 2 miss a good amount of games this season.

      - 8 man H2H league.

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      • you didnt say what you were missing in the stat catagories...but its a bad trade...between kg and harrington they can match what camby brings you defensively...and theyll bring a ton more offense...bad trade

      • Hey Weezy,

        I don't think you should trade for Camby, man. I can see how Camby's numbers might look pretty sexy, but you have to see what you'd be losing in KG. Most two for ones involving KG are usually the other guy is giving two players and desperately hoping that the KG owner will bite.
        You would gain in blocks, no question, but you'd be losing out on FG%, FT%, Points, and steals... The gains you'd make in blocks and boards isn't significant enough in my books to even do 1-for-1 straight up. Stick with KG and your other guys. Camby's the one with more injury history and KG just doesn't get hurt(I hope I didn't just jinx him.) Hope this helps!

        Josh aka CHOstradamus


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