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  • Jules S Jules S Jan 10, 2008 12:37 AM Flag


    I trade kobe and steve blake for allen iverson and gilbert arenas

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    • ya, no way, arenas probably won't be playing this year, and kobe is obviously better than iverson

    • from nba skinny

      Gilbert Arenas has no idea when he'll be able to return from left knee surgery – he left it wide open in his first real discussions on the subject since his November 21 surgery. "It all depends on how I feel," Arenas said his. "I have to protect the rest of my career, too, so I won't jeopardize that for just 15 games if I'm not 100 percent. If it's aching, if I'm out here practicing and it's swelling up then, I'll see you next year." A potential playoff run will also influence his decision – the Wizards are currently 17-15 and fourth in the Eastern Conference standings. "If we have a chance to go far with my playing in the playoffs, then I'll say yeah," Arenas added. "If not, then I'll shut it down and just rehab."

      According to the Washington Post, Arenas would be able to return to the court sometime between mid-February and mid-March if he had zero setbacks in his rehabilitation – that's 30 games (eight-plus weeks) on the bright side and 17 (five-plus weeks) if you'd rather be pleasantly surprised. The Wizards certainly have a solid shot at a playoff spot in the muddled East, but a cold spell could just as easily remove them from consideration. Arenas could also choose to sit out until much closer to the playoffs if the Wizards gain a better grip on a potential spot while he remains inactive. He is on a roster in 93 percent of Yahoo! leagues, and none of this makes the decision process regarding Arenas much easier, does it? His trade value certainly doesn't go up with this recent update, so keeping him on the bench until a more definitive update comes out is the best course of action. If you can't handle having an inactive player on the bench any longer, then shop him around your league and hope for a reasonable offer – a straight drop at this point would be a short-sighted move.

      translation:unless u can tweak it so u get his rights n another player to boot (other then ai)......then let him be sumone else's concern.

    • uhhh no.

      n if u need an explanation.....nm

      no nada nyet

    • not worth it man. arenas maybe out for the whole season. and kobe is more valuable than ai in my opinion.

    • You actually had to ask about tthat trade...wow.....smh u kidding right

    • Dude take that trade...kobe more around, but still, iverson and Gilbert''' take the trade steve blake sux anywayz..when gilbert comes back dang u got the good end of the deal so take the trade..gilbert shouldnt be out much longer

    • i wouldnt do it...Kobe bryant is better the iverson, and gilbert isnt coming back for awhile if at all. Stick with kobe and blake.


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