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  • Dr.J Dr.J Jan 15, 2008 9:56 PM Flag

    Forget the GURU, ask CHOstradamus

    Wat do u think. I am 3rd in my league and are so close to beating the two Elite Teams in the league. I have Tony Parker, Baron Davis, Ben Gordon, D-Wade, Andre Miller, Chris Bosh, Antawn Jamison, Shane Battier, King James, Al Harrington, Amare Stoudemire, Brad Miller there are 8 ppl in my league.

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    • Hey, I have a FA/Waiver Question.
      I'm really frustrated with Tyson Chandler and I also think that Wilson Chandler's prodcution for the Knicks will be affected now that Gallinari is fit.
      So, should I drop Tyson Chandler to pick up Big Z or evenKendrick Perkins from the Waiver Wire. Also should I drop Wilson Chandler to pick up Russell Westbrook.

      1) My Team is Jason Kidd,Ray Allen,Monta Ellis,Michael Redd, Mike Dunleavy,Shawn Marion,Josh Smith,Richard Jefferson Andre Kirilenko,Wilson Chandler,Dwight Howard,Shaquille O'Neal, Tyson Chandler
      2) I'm dominating Boards and Blocks but struggling in FT%,AST and 3PTM.


    • Dr. J,

      Not only were you sick at dunking, but also your team is pretty sick... I can see you taking it.

      Josh aka CHOstradamus

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      • steve nash trade

        team A offers me this:

        nash + vc for r.allen + ak + sheed OR terry

        team B offers me:

        nash for joe johnson + granger OR aldridge.

        may current line up is:

        v. carter
        r. jefferson
        j. oneal

        H2H, 14 team league.

        currently strugling in pts and rbds.

        which offer should i accept? or should i not accept any of them.


      • Hey Cho,

        I need advice because I can be irrational at times. I have the best chance to gain points in assists, FG%, and 3pts. My roto league has 12 teams. I don't think FT% is an area where I can move up or down at this point, and I can't afford to loss blocks. I have been offered a trade Horford, Biedrins, and Hinrich for Aldridge, Durant, and Blount. I don't think I am hurting for points and I can't move up in the rebounds category. This guy has offered me every possible trade and he is desperately emailing the whole league. My team:

        Josh Smith*
        Raja Bell*
        Gerald Wallace*
        David Lee
        Kurt Thomas

        My sure starters are *. I have been playing Lee a lot to get my FG% up and it is working for now because he is getting tick. I have not been playing Durant at all because I feel I am stacked at guard and forward and he is killing my FG%. Conley and Udrih have been utility at best. Is the trade any good for me? Is Hinrich overrated?


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