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  • JBCHO JBCHO Jan 11, 2008 3:42 PM Flag

    Forget the GURU, ask CHOstradamus

    Hey zzz... don't fall asleep on me here, aight? Haha, jk.

    I like the look of your team, and I'd say definitely pick up Antonio Daniels as soon as you can. He's gonna give a decent source of assists and his percentages aren't that bad.

    As far as a trade goes, I don't think you'd be able to nab Gay/Terry for T-Mac and Tinsley at this point. Gay has outplayed T-Mac this year, and EVERYONE knows that T-Mac is an injury waiting to happen...and he's injured even now. Stick with your team, and don't worry so much about one category if you're doing super-well in the other ones. You don't have to be in tops in ALL cats, just enough well-roundedness to be atop the roto standings. Hope that helps! (Also, NEVER have an open spot on your team, always be looking for the next big-potential player, etc. I'd even recommend picking up Louis Williams of Philly, just in case Miller gets traded.)

    Josh aka CHOstradamus


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