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    Forget the GURU, ask CHOstradamus

    My name is Josh aka CHOstradamus. I shall do my best to make time every day to give free fantasy basketball advice. If you have any questions, please ask. I do, however wish to offer some guidelines.

    Trade Questions
    Please tell me:
    1. How many team league?
    2. Is it rotisserie or Head to Head league format?
    3. Who are players on your team?
    4. What stats are you struggling in?

    FA/Waiver Questions
    Please tell me:
    1. Who your team is (to see if someone is worth dropping)
    2. What stats you are struggling in.

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    • 12 team h2h league, i've been weak on ft% and fg% and sometimes blocks steals and rebounding.

      I just traded Dwight, Stuckey, Crawford, and Shaq for DWade, Al Jefferson, and Jason Richardson.

      Deron Williams
      Devin Harris
      Jason Richardson
      Kirk Hinrich
      Al Harrington
      Al Jefferson
      Nenad Krstic
      Lamar Odom
      Sam Dalembert

      I've been dropping and adding between Odom, Dalembert, Udrih, Augustin, and some others and I have those 2 on my team now. Any ideas on how to improve my roster? Was it a good move to make the Dwight trade? Thanks a lot

      I traded Biedrins/Marvin for Al Jeff....that was 5 weeks ago. I'm now trading Nene/Diaw to get back Biedrins. I will have a free roster spot. I'm not weak anywhere, but I could use some more rebounds, especially offensive rebounds, but what I mostly want is a player who will have the most value regardless of position. I want a player that will get minutes and stay healthy. Who will hold the most value the rest of the season? N Robinson, Hinrich, Big Z, Kaman

    • Hi, my current team is:

      Mardy Collins
      Jason Kidd
      Kobe Bryant
      Kevin Martin
      Emeka Okafor
      Andrea Bargnani
      Anderson Varejao
      Al Horford
      TJ Ford
      Ronnie Brewer

      Im in an 18 team H2H and am currently in 7th place. I have been doing well these past weeks.

      What can I do to make my team better?

      I have plenty of guards, what type of trade can I make to get an extra big man?

      Thanks for your input.

    • I'm in a shallow 8-team h2h league using the stardard 8 cats. Each team has a 12-man roster with starting positions of: pg, sg, g, sf, pf, f, c, util, plus 4 bench. I'm currently 5th in my league due to injured players, but slowly moving up with their return. Each team is only allowed twenty transactions for the season and i've already made seven.

      My team:
      -Deron Williams, Jameer Nelson, Chris Duhon
      -Manu Ginobili, Jason Richardson, Michael Redd
      -Danny Granger, Wilson Chandler
      -Kevin Garnett, La Marcus Aldridge
      -Yao Ming, Spencer Hawes

      I think my weakest stats are steals, points, and maybe fg%, however I don't feel like I dominate any of the other categories either. I'd like to be more competitive with the top 2-3 teams in my league; any idea how to improve my team through trade or dropping? I was thinking of dropping Wilson Chandler for Nate Robinson.

      Notable waiver players include: Nate Robinson, Rodney Stuckey, Andre Miller, TJ Ford, Steve Blake, Rudy Fernandez, Mario Chalmers, Eric Gordon, Boris Diaw, Andrew Bogut, Brad Miller, Chris Kaman, Jermaine Oneal, Tyson Chandler, Zydrunas Ilgauskas (just dropped), Joel Pryzbilla, Mike Miller, Mike Dunleavey, Tayshaun Prince, and Charlie Villanueva amongst others.


    • 10 team h2h

      deron williams
      jamal crawford
      jameer nelson
      troy murphy
      jemario moon
      udonis haslem

      i had yao too but had to drop him

      i made huge trades :

      dirk, kevin martin, and gooden for lebron, crawford, and kaman

      straight up traded baron davis for allen iverson to help in points and fg% and ft%

      kirk hinrich and barbosa for paul peirce

      Currently im in first in my league and cliched the playoff spot with a record of 115-45-2

      i usually win each week at least 7-2 cuz i lose in ft% and turnovers

      but with yao out i have won 2 weeks in a row in turnovers
      which the previous weeks i had only won once out of 18 weeks

      so what do u think of my team?

    • Dwade & Melo for CP3 & Hedo who wins I get Wade & Melo
      I personally don't want to do it, I think It's making my team worst. I'm struggling in FG% and 3's and blocks. Also I want to know if I should drop N Mohammed?
      12 team league H2H

      A. Daniels
      G. Wallace
      S jackson
      t outlaw
      N Mohammed
      T prince

    • Hello guys,

      I wanted to thank all of you for the awesome questions! I hope you have enjoyed my advice. I'll now only be taking questions in the "GENERAL" forum. Simply search the word "CHOstradamus" and you should find my thread there. Thanks guys! And please, keep the questions coming.


      Your friendly neighborhood CHOstradamus

    • What is up Josh? I am having some problems in blocks, I want josh Smith or Sammy D or LaMarcus Aldrige, or another good center. It's a 14 team league,h2h.

      My Roster
      Tony Parker
      Manu Ginobili
      Richard Hamiliton
      Michael Redd
      Antawn Jaminson
      Marvin Williams
      Yao Ming
      Juan Carlos Navarro
      Jamaal Tinsley
      Travis Outlaw
      Joe Smith
      Rashad McCants
      Wally Szczerbiak

      His Roster
      Steve Blake
      Keith Bogan
      Carlos Delfino
      Kevin Durant
      Al Jefferson
      Kelenna Azubuike
      Samuel Dalembert
      Andray Blatche
      LaMarcus Aldridge
      Andris Biedrins
      Ronnie Brewer
      Kevin Garnett
      Daniel Gibson

      Another Guy's Team, by the way I trade this guy Beno for Manu

      Josh Smith
      Matt Barnes
      Dwyane Wade
      Beno Udrih
      Luke Ridnour
      Mo Williams
      David Harrison
      Ben Wallace
      Bruce Bowen
      Chris Wilcox
      Francisco Garcia
      Sam Cassel
      Luther Head

      • 1 Reply to Tony
      • Tony,

        You owned that guy getting Manu for Beno, haha how'd that get through!? As far as blocks go, if you want to get a guy like Smith, you'll have to show that you're serious. I can't see those teams parting with those guys, though. A lot of times you have to look at what other teams are struggling at in general, and if you have an abundance at a stat you offer the weaker team what they need that you have in abundance. So, I'd say look for teams with a need for maybe something like three pointers, and browse over what big-men they have. Then offer a trade to your strength! Hope this helps!

        Josh aka CHOstradamus

    • I've been offered Iverson for Calderon and Turkoglu.

      In my (rotisserie) league we have the following stat categories: FG%, FT%, 3PTM, PTS, REB, AST, ST, BLK, TO

      - I am leading the league in PTS, REB, and AST.
      - I am towards the top in FT%, 3PTM and BLK.
      - I am towards the middle in FG% and ST.
      - However, I am near the bottom in TO.

      Should I take the offer?

      As far as depth goes, there are thirteen people playing in this league, and each team contains nine players. I also have Terry, Granger, Gasol, Dirk, Ellis, Kaman, and Hill.

      My initial inclination was to reject this trade, but I may be able to withstand the loss of two players by playing the waiver wire.

      I am a little bit concerned that Calderon will drop off in the coming months when Ford returns and/or Toronto signs another PG to play off the bench. Also, Turkoglu was going through a really, really rough patch - which he seems to have come out of now.

      • 2 Replies to Ben H
      • Hey Ben,

        This is a trade where you get the obvious best player. Usually that person wins out in the trade. I personally think that this trade helps you a lot more than you think, mainly because Turkoglu's FG% is a total stinker. You know what's great about this trade is you don't actually even lose out on FG%, it's actually right around the same. The number of total shots made and taken by Calderon and Turkoglu is about what Iverson is hitting at from the field. Also, you're gaining steals for sure in this. I'd go look for someone like Jamario Moon after this trade goes through. Take the deal and go pick up another guy who can get you some assists, if you really need or just look for the best available player. Hope this helps!!!

        Josh aka CHOstradamus

      • Take AI !!!

    • Sorry guys,

      I'm gonna be out for a few days! I have some things I need to work on. Feel free to still leave up questions, and I'll get to them as I find time.

      Josh aka CHOstradamus

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