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    For your Ultimate Fantasy Advice

    In my 9th year playing Fantasy Basketball in my usual 14 man league, I am leading the league by 13 points, and have never came in worse than 3rd place, which was in my second year. I have 5 first place trophies, 2 second place finishes, and one third. Unfortunately, I had to make a new account this year due to hacking. I am here to answer any questions that you may have to achieve success in your league. I can assure you my advice will help you climb the standings quickly. Feel free to ask anything...


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    • This is my team, roto league with 10 teams

      PG Delonte West
      SG Ricky Davis
      G Mike Conley
      SF Carmelo Anthony
      PF Dirk Nowitzki
      F DeSagana Diop
      C Pau Gasol
      C Andrea Bargnani
      C Shaquille O'Neal
      Util Mo Williams
      Util Gilbert Arenas
      BN Francisco Garcia
      BN Andrei Kirilenko
      BN Kendrick Perkins
      BN Tyson Chandler
      BN Rafer Alston
      BN Antonio McDyess

    • i need a good big man to back up dwight

    • Is Jermaine Oneal gonna keep up is performance? Wat about Ray Allen

    • Hey man thanks for the help in advance:

      Rate my trade and Team
      Wat do you think? I made it a while ago but i just wanna know wat you think
      I'm in a 12 team Roto league with mostly Pistons fans :)
      I lacked a 10 assist PG because I had Parker so I traded

      Carlos Boozer Kevin Durant and Rajon Rondo
      Deron WIlliams RIcky Davis and Andris Biedrins
      I think i mightve gave to much

      The result is me and another player fighting for the number 1 spot when I was previously in 4 and 5

      My Team
      PG Tony Parker
      SG Josh Smith
      G Deron WIlliams
      SF Tayshaun Prince
      F Ricky Davis
      PF Al Harrington
      C Amare Stoudemire
      C Andrew Bynum
      Util Andris Biedrins
      Util Raja Bell
      Bench Cuttino Mobley
      Bench Brendan Haywood

      You got any suggestions to get me in that top spot and to stay in it?
      FG% 12
      FT% 3
      3PTM 6
      PTS 12
      REB 10
      AST 10
      ST 9
      BLK 11
      TO 2
      Total 75

      other guy is behind by a point

    • H2H 10

      Brandon Roy
      Dwayne Wade
      Jose Calderon
      Josh Howard
      Josh Smith
      Al Jefferson
      Andrew Bynum
      Jason Richardson
      Rashard Lewis
      Danny Granger
      Mike Conley (Placeholder till Bibby gets back, then drop for Brendon Haywood)
      Mike Bibby

      Question, should I hold Conley or Alston as a placeholder? I won't drop Calderon till the second Ford comes back, then I'll get another PG then hehe.

    • My team looks like this:
      C-Andrew Bogut
      PF-Zach Randolph, Rasheed Wallace(also C), Jermaine O'Neal(also C), David Lee
      SF-LeBron James, Shane Battier
      SG-Rip Hamilton
      PG-Tony Parker, Allen Iverson(also SG)
      What can I do to become better?

    • i have joe johnson and gooden, someone wants to trade me igoudala and mcdyess. should i do it

    • Is Jermaine Oneal gonna keep up is performance? Wat about Ray Allen

    • In a roto league If a player is in your lineup and his team has a game but he doesn't play does it count against your games used? (I assume so...)

    • I am in a 12 team h2h league, how does my team look
      pg-dwyane wade
      sg-ben gordon
      g-richard hamilton
      sf-stephen jackson
      pf-zach randolph
      f-marvin williams
      c-chris bosh
      c-al harrington
      util-jamal crawford
      util-andres nocioni
      bn-brendan haywood
      bn-sam cassell
      bn-yi jianlian

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      • You're team looks great up to Chris Bosh. Al Harrington will swing in and out each night, as will Haywood, but you may want to stock up your bench a little Bit. It seems like your bench is mainly made up of average players (10-12 ppg, 3-6 rebs, 2-4 assists) Instead, Try to sell some of those players off for specialists, someone who will get you only 8 ppg, but also 9 or 10 rebs. I have Al Horford and Daniel Gibson on my bench, because each night Horford will give me 7-13 rebs, and Gibson will pop in 3 or 4 three-pointers. They help compliment my stars like Tony Parker, Baron Davis, Lebron, Boozer, Durant, and even my pretty good contributors, like Marv Williams, and Hedo Turkoglu.

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