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  • Strike Strike Jan 3, 2008 10:11 AM Flag

    what do i do with mgr that constly add/drops

    I'm a commisioner on a 12 team competitive custom league that has this one team mgr that has 48 roster moves so far. The closest mgr after him has only 12. Some mgrs have complained that its not fair, but it works for him because he dumps at least 2-3 players that are not playing on a given night and picks up players that are.
    In the meantime, nobody else can pick up the players he's dropped even if they wanted to because they are on waivers.
    Obviously, his team is weak in order to do this, but he's been in first place since the beginning of the season.
    I don't want to be an a$$ because what he's doing is 'legal', but is there a way for me to use the comish settings without it being posted or implementing new changes like waiver period and add/drop maximum moves for when the playoffs start?
    I know any changes i implement now will start something if he becomes aware of it..
    Or should i just let it be? he can be the bill belich?ck of fantasy..

    thanx guys

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    • As long as your rules allow it,he's just play'in to win, not cheat'in,nothing wrong with a wide open game. But you could change your waiver time to no waiver time then thier always fa.

    • Active GM's deserve to win, enough said..if you want a more casual league then set it up that way next time with casual GM's and maybe you could casually win....

    • I played against some of these guys and I would claim some of their better players when they dropped them due to my waiver claim rating being better. In football I claimed Marion Barber III and Ben Rothleisberger. They quit that stuff real quick.

    • here it is, easy and quick. change your settings to a certain number of moves each team can make for the season. you can do that easy enough, but maybe you should have thought of that before the season started.

    • I dont think there's anything you can do about it with the exception of doing the same thing.

      Now, if he's adding players to make up for the additional players his opposition has. I don't see anything wrong with what he's doing. However, if he's just adding people day in dand day out to get the maximum number of players every week, then yes, that's cheap and he should quit doing it.

    • i think if you never set a limit for starts or starts per week or adds and drops then this year is just a waste for you. your league is not about who has the best team, its about who gets online the most. just delete the league. if you dont want to do that then post for the league to vote on the current issue and if the majority of owners are fine with a new rule, then implement it! i do it all the time! fantasy throws curve balls and to have a really cool league you have to be able to respond. if you dont want to do any of those then you better start doing what the intelligent cheater is doing.


    • Dave... my wife would like to use your toilet.

    • yahoo should just come up with a category for streamers(beginner, expert, & streamers) to eliminate this problem...all people who stream players should just go to the steamer category

    • If the league settings are such that streaming is workable, there's absolutely no reason not to do it, and if it's done right it's a VERY powerful strategy even if you had a good draft. You can just offer a handful of 2-1 or 3-2 deals, even if you end up overpaying slightly, with the objective of getting the strongest group of 8-10 players you possibly can, with the other 3-5 slots being FA-level players. That way, you can swap people in and out of those slots on a daily basis based on both their matchups and the strengths of the team you're playing, and you're never dropping anyone you care one way or another about. If one of the players youve picked up off the wire starts looking like a breakout candidate, you keep him and either stream with one fewer slots or make another 2-1 deal.

    • i've run into this problem in a baseball league i was commish for... this is how i handled it: i proposed to the entire league that i would lock manager from drop\add for one week at 75 moves, then again at 125 moves for another week. i sent every manager an email about it, and took a consensus vote as to enact it or not. let you league decide, and go from there. everyone in my league found it fair, and i locked him twice, and he still won! so be it. everyone was appeased.

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