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    Jose Calderon Advice

    I trade Ilgauskas for Jose Calderon because I need assist bad

    My lineup now includes Boozer, Josh Howard, Ben Gordon, Kevin Garnett, Marvin Williams, Grant Hill, Nazr Mohammed, Ronnie Brewer, Anthony Jonson, Leandro Barbosa, Nick Collison & One Open roster spot

    What do you guys think about the trade

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    • Good trade.

      It's a good trade on both sides. Next time add a second player and try to get the advantage and if it doesn't work then go back to 1 for 1.

      Throwing in Josh Howard or Grant Hill could land you a SG to help with assits and 3's.

    • good trade, emerging to be one of the most efficient PG's in the league (high fg% ft% low turnovers and he'll give you close to (if not) a double double every game)

      PS: I recently traded nash and artest for josh smith and Jamison (I picked up calderon over a month ago from the FA list) --- I still remain at the top of my league in assists and its also helped me b/c he turns the ball over way less than nash

    • The trade is pendin..I just didnt know if I made a mistake or not

    • Igauskus is great and Calderon is good for assist, but maybe try for one more because Calderon isn't worth Igauskus.

    • Calderon is dope when he's starting. To me, if Calderon was a starter he would be an late 4th or early 5th round pick. The guy gets you 15 pts 4 boards, 9 assists, 1 stl, 1 trey, very good FG% & FT% and decent T.O.

      good trade, since he will be the Raptor's starting PG even if TJ decides to return.

    • CAlderon is my man this year. He is my Monta Ellis to RIck Kamla( NBA TV) last year. IF the big Z is the only player that the other team will take for CAlderon, the you do have a sturdy front court to loose Z. I would, however, attempt to trade Barbosa and one of your other late pick guards for Calderon and hope that the other team will take it. Only use Z as a last resport since he does goive you numbers that you really dont want to give away. But if push comes to shove, get Calderon and another player for Z. The other team should agreee to it, and you could get another player worth more than Collsion or Johnson. That would hepl out your team greatly. Just remember that Z is a player that you can definately get something good for. Make sure that you get Calderon outta the deal though.

    • You can do better with trading Ilgauskas.


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