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  • Jason K Jason K Dec 26, 2007 5:27 PM Flag

    Can U Name A Better Starting 5?

    That's because a great championship team has to put up points and play great defense. Boozer is a joke defensively, don't even start to say he's any good at that end. I've seen Amare play great defense, but he doesn't play it very consistently, it might be because of the knees.

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    • u think boozer can play defense??? so you dont think 237 defensive rebounds out of 327 total rebounds he already has isnt defense...yeah he rarely blocks but he already has 40 steals into tha season...thats pretty good for the PF position..hes 3rd in total steals in the PURE PF position (you cant count josh smith and gerald wallace cause they the SF position) behind marion and garnett...come on now

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      • I've seen Boozer play defense, and he's not very good. Defense isn't measured by rebounds alone. He's in the right place at the right time while boxing his man out, that's great. I measure defense by presence, blocking, shot-alterations, and stealing. Boozer gets his steals by grabbing balls that are poked out by others on his team, some he gets alone, but that still doesn't make him a very good defensive player. Boozer is not a presence inside, doesn't alter many shots, and sucks at shot blocking.


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