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  • McStager McStager Dec 18, 2007 3:09 PM Flag

    Tough Call folks!

    Kaman, Turk. and Duncan for Amare, Butler and J. Oneal.

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    • I wouldnt do this trade...Kaman and Duncan both rebound better and get more blks than Amare and Oneal. Turk has been playing well as well.

    • i dont know about j.o. but amare and butler are good pickups. turk has been vital to my team although a butler would better it.

    • You guys are underestimating Kaman and Turk.
      If everybody stayed the same as they are now...Kaman Turk and Duncan would finish higher.
      Are you assuming they will drop?

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      • Aren't you?

        This is Kaman and Turkoglu we're talking about. The have never played at this level for an entire season. Duncan has. He'll still be up there too. That's why I said he was probably about even with Amare. Turkoglu....I could see him maintaining a fairly high level just because of his situation. But Kaman? He certainly won't keep this up all season. Even if he went down today for the rest of the season, this would probably be his best statistical season ever. That doesn't really put the odds in his favor that he'll keep this up all year. Now bring Brand back in...Kaman drops off that much further. More power to him if he can sustain it, it just isn't likely.

        On the other side....Amare and Butler have both proven they can keep this up. ONeal has too. His injuries have slowed him down the last couple seasons, but I think a trade is in his future and that will fire him up to finish up strong.

        As I said....Amare will finish equal to or better than Duncan. ONeal will finish higher than Kaman. Butler will be so far ahead of Turkoglu that they won't get mentioned in the same sentence together.

        This trade is pretty even looking on paper right now. By the end of the season, and I'd bet long before that, the Amare/Butler/ONeal trio will be largely better than the other three.

    • Definitely Amere, Butler and O'Neal. You get the most well-rounded fantasy center and one of the big 3 in Washington. You also get a nice wild-card in O'Neal. If Jermaine comes back strong, you have just pulled off the steal of the year. If not, it's the steal of the month, lol

    • Do it NOW. Thats not tough

    • I don't see that as tough at all.

      Amare is at least equal to Duncan if not worth more.
      Oneal is currently worth less than Kaman, but once Kaman comes back to earth, they'll be about equal.
      Butler (assuming this is Caron and not Rasual) is far better than Turkoglu.

      If you wanted to look at it a little differently, Butler is the best player in the deal. Amare is probably the 2nd best player in the deal. Duncan is 3rd, Kaman is probably 4th, Oneal is 5th and Turkoglu is in such a distant 6th it isn't funny.

      One team gets 1st, 2nd, and 5th
      Other team gets 3rd, 4th, and ............6th

      Would you give up your 1st round (Amare) and 2nd round (Butler) picks to get a 2nd round (Duncan) and a 5th round (or later) (Kaman)? I wouldn't.

      Amare/Butler side wins hands down.