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  • Ato Ato Dec 15, 2007 6:46 AM Flag

    Unfair Trades

    two of the guys in my pub league either know each other or are the same person, (have similar names) and they've traded al horford for ron artest, i vetoed the trade but others werent active enough or couldnt be bothered. What can i do to prevent future possible such dodgy trades?

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    • It's impossible to end up in the same league with two teams. The probability is slight.

      What may have happened is they made a pact. Unfair trades will happen it's a part of this game I'm afraid. Email all the managers that have their email available.

    • In the Yahoo player ranker Horford is ranked at 112, Artest is ranked 136. Yes Artest missed some games to start the year but he will miss many more before this season is over. For his career Artest averages only about 55 games played per season. He is a ticking time bomb and injury prone to boot. The trade looks even enough (112-136) to not get upset over, although the guy giving up Horford is getting screwed a little bit. Thats just part of game though. If the trades had to be exactly even there would not be any.

    • This is fantasy basketball pal.. Get over it pal. People Make crazy trades all the time. I gave up Ben Gordon & Jason Terry for Kobe. When someone traded D.Howard for K. Durant. How crazy is that? But no need to get upset cause it's "FANTASY BASKETBALL".

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      • well lets look at this, if you were a fantasy owner and u accidently traded away ron artest for al horford, how would u feel?

        My initial problem was with people possibly cheating to gain an advantage, but now my problem is with the people who are saying horford for artest isnt an unfair trade.

        Now im going to take a wild guess and say that those people are newbs, dont know how the game really works, or plain stupid. Feel free to comment.

    • Dude look at the trade..its not bad at all. Ron is a stud and can put up the points and Reb. also the Ast. look him up..

    • Horford for Artest is not that bad of a trade. If you ask me, you're being way too picky and should only veto those trades that are outrageous... like Horford for Delonte West.

    • so really? you guys think artest for horford comes even close to being a fair trade even if you consider your CAT needs?

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      • It's an unfair trade..... not even close. I've been at this for many years, and have been in the top 50 to 200 in Yahoo over the years (manager), and I'd take Artest, warts and all, over a young Horford. Maybe in two years it will be par, now not.... I'd veto it in a heartbeat, and I seldom need to veto. I have one league where a trade went through that had Duncan, C Paul, and Ricky Davis for G Wallace, Jamison, and Granger. I vetoed it. It went through... Since there is no recourse for inactive managers letting it through, I'll just have to work harder to win. If it is a category thing to some (to justify), then I guess Reggie Evans and his 9.0 rebounds a game should be tradeable for Nash (12 assists) if they need rebounds? Hmmmm...

    • Let them get on with it. it could probably be the same person balancing his lineup, like having more rebounds with horford in the lineup and a little bit of everything (including turnovers.. lol!) with artest in the other. do a trade of your own and see other guys' reactions...

    • I don't think Horford for Artest is all that bad...If they needed a big man badly and would rather bank on Al's upside than Artest's propensity for problems during most seasons, it makes some sense. Pluses in Rebs, blocks, and FG% for Horford. If it's a need, why not. That's being said, i'll take your word for it if their other activity has been fishy.....but yesterday, someone posted about a trade involving Udrih and Salmons for Rashard Lewis. THAT IS WHAT I CALL FISHY!

      Do you remember any other examples of trades from these guys? Am I the only one who thinks that Horford for Artest is fathomable? I'd rather have Artest, but that's just me cuz i have a lot of big men. If not....?

    • Thats a problem sometimes. Nothing much that can be done if other teams are inactive, but remember that if you can get at least 4 teams to veto, it will not get through. However if your league has a commish then you can tell him about it.


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