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  • ChadC ChadC Dec 14, 2007 7:29 PM Flag

    Huge Trade... Is it Fair?

    OK, so i rejected the trade, and he sent me a new one..

    I Get:
    Leandro Barbosa
    Shawn Marion
    Pau Gasol

    I Give:
    Baron Davis
    David West
    Chris Kaman

    Any Better? Or worse?

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    • Hell No! Ur players are much better.

    • The only player you're getting that I like is Marion. Pau is extremely overrated, he's a top 10 center but he's on the back end of the 10. Chris Kaman's outperforming Gasol if you look at the numbers and I consider him extremely underrated. Same goes to BD, he seems to be underrated this year, even though he's putting up numbers similar to the best seasons he's had, in which he's been the #1 or #2 pg in FL. The only concern is the injury risk but he seems healthy so far. That being said, I think this trade is pretty fair. Marion's underperformin right now, and he's still a fantasy force so you're only gonna get better numbers with him.

    • Now this trade you take. The caveman is bound to go back to some his mediocre ways once Brand gets back or if he doesn't run out of gas first. Gasol, Notwiski, Boozer, and Marion should give you a versatile and flexible frontcourt that will allow you compensate for the assists you will lose from Davis. (Plus Davis is bound to get hurt at some point in the season anyway). Barbosa and Durant can be front or backcourt and that should make your team more flexible as well.


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