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  • Ron Ron Dec 13, 2007 9:36 PM Flag

    Nash or Chris Paul?

    Nash or Chris Paul?

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    • depends on wat's needed for ur team. dont listen to ppl who say "paul is ranked #1, so go for him". yahoo's ranking system is kool, but not always accurate. in this case, paul is ranked higher than nash simply becuz of da amount of steals he gets. sum players get ranked higher than others becuz of this, blocks, OREB and 3 pointers becuz these categories dont come easy. so its really all abt wat ur team needs. look for balance if u can!

      comparison as of dec 14, 2007

      nash - 7
      paul - 12


      nash - 7
      paul - 1


      nash - 147
      paul - 157

      u wont get much of a difference here, but paul should take this category in da end.


      nash - .525
      paul - .492

      over da last 3 seasons, including this one, nash has shot mor than 50%. this is paul's first season of shootin over 44%


      nash - 76
      paul - 93

      paul will take this category as he's averaging 5.7 career FT attempts


      nash - .950
      paul - .912

      paul is shooting alot betta overall this season, so this shouldnt b much of a difference in da end. but nash will take it.


      nash - 46
      paul - 22

      i believe nash will take this. paul was out a couple games and injured a bit, but hes not as much of a pure shooter as nash. this is based on career stats, not opinion.


      nash - .465
      paul - .386

      same as mentioned above in da last category :D


      nash - 429
      paul - 416

      paul will win this category in da end. he shoots more than nash and nash passes more.

      OREB, DREB

      we kno they both cant rebound much, but paul should edge nash out by a bit here.


      nash - 283
      paul - 199

      nash is more of a passer, paul shoots more. mayb this is due to da type of team their on. phoenix is a much betta squad, which gives nash more weapons to pass to.


      paul wins this category hands down.


      neither of these guys barely block at all


      nash - 89
      paul - 62

      nash has a bit mor turnovers being dat he passes mor, but they should b close in this category.


      nash - 3.180
      paul - 3.210

      theyre close in this category as well

    • So that all of the Nash bashers will shut their pie-holes, you should check each player's career log. You will see that since 2000 Steve Nash has not missed more than seven games in any one season. Last season Chris Paul missed 18 games. Winner: Nash. As far as stats, here is each player's current stat line (may not be formatted quite right):

      NASH .525 .950 2.0 18.1 3.6 12.3 0.7 0.0 3.9
      PAUL .492 .912 1.1 21.5 4.0 10.0 2.8 0.1 3.1

      The only real places where Paul looks much better than Nash are steals and turnovers, with a slight edge in points and rebounds. The blocks are so negligible that we won't even count them. With Nash you get better substantially better FG%, FT%, 3pts, and assists. They are both great players and are both undoubtedly worth a first round pick, but with assists and 3pts being at a premium in fantasy you have to default to Nash.

    • LOL. I couldn't decide so I got both men on my team. =P

    • Nash gets you all the same stats as CP3, but better assists and 3's, and not NEARLY as many steals. I don't think you can say one is clearly better than the other right now, its all about what needs your team has

    • When it comes to fantasy you gotta go Paul--Nash is the best point guard in the league but that does matter in fantasy. Paul ranges from 65-100 fantasy points per night. It is true though, Paul does get hurt from time to time--once this year already--so with the time missed, perhaps they come out even. If you're gonna have Paul, make sure you have a quality backup--I have Paul and Andre Miller for backup.

    • nash is more consistent...paul consistetly gets hurt

    • Look at the stats of both of them and you've found the answer... obviously, C.Paul. He's a stat stuffer and provides you with many points, assists (not as many as S.Nash but everything else is better except for FT%) and steals every night while he can get you some rebounds and a couple of treys and all this with an astonishing 50% from the field. Any doubts?

    • I love Chris Paul and I would take him right now, but don't forget that Nash is playing with a really banged up shoulder. In the 2nd half of the season I expect Nash to win that battle.

      They both rule the roost though. Best two point guards in fantasy (and reality).

    • paul..nash is only an asssist machine and has his off nights...Paul is a lot better in fantasy vALUE

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