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    NASH for ANTHONY ?

    THIS QUESTION IS FOR ALL THE NON-CHEATERS THAT PLAY FANTASY BASKETBALL......i'm a commish in my league..where commish allows or disallows trades ......nash for anthony came across as a trade....what i look for first ,whether its a multi-player trade or not, i match up player for player by rankings at the beginning of the year...then by current rankings....if theres a vast difference in both, i look closer.....to ask why would 1 team trade all better players to the other......in nash for anthony,nash ranked 6 at the beginning and 16 now.....and anthony ranked 39 at the beginning and 41 now....i consider that a big difference....even though they are both stars in the league...nash by all accounts is definately the superior fantasty player...not in any particular catagory.....but overall...way better...1 rounder compared to forth...so i had to look deeper....because art this point i thought the trade was fishy.....so i looked at positional need of both teams....the team giving up nash HAD to be desperate for either a SF or PTS cat....right ? ..well...he had lewis durant ,carter,deng,price and stackhouse to play SF with only cassell,barry and conley at point guard....so this complete look at the trade lead me to believe that he wasnt doing it to better his team.....whether it was collusion/cheating....i really dont know ...but he wasnt trying to improve his team...at the rest of the team in the leagues expense since the team getting nash already had deron williams and baron davis ...so i vetoed the trade ...the guy getting nash trashed me saying that he cant believe in a million years that the trade didnt go through...then he dropped all the players he could...i cleaned up his mess before anybody could pick up his players.....my question is....1. should i vetoed it or not ? if not 2. was it a severe over-reaction on his part ?

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    • The guy is a cry baby, FYI they have an infinite resource of cry babies online. Don't be suprised if you run into one or a million of them in a fantasy league. 1) Good job on vetoeing the big cry baby. If not it could have been an impact in your league. 2) Big time cry babies over react online all the time.

      Good job comissioner.

    • Oh yeah on a side note. Who the fuck would give up Nash for Anthony? One of the dumb trades of all time, either you're in Carmelo's #1 fan club and have a big head of him and just really want that wannabe thug who tries to fight people in the league and then runs after a sucker punch to be on your team. Other then that he is a great basketball player... He gets points and the fg% is usually fine.. rebound and assist is average but it is up and down. While Nash will put up decent points with enough assist to dish out to one of your other fantasy league and the only person that usually competes with him is Chris Paul on a consistency note that is... He also gets steals and is a great FT% benefit and his 3PT% is not that bad either. Now I don't know what you guys believe in focusing on more Points or Assist. But I think Assist is a little more harder to climb up and stablilize in the CATs.

      And honestly with your honest opinion unless you already have Chris Paul or another high calibre PG would you really give up Nash for a couple of points that probably in the long run wouldn't benefit you in many cases?

    • if its a head to head league then no you should nt have vetoed it. its definnetly not fair right now, would you have veto dwight howard for lets say lebron? where do you draw the line? maybe the owner is banking on a lot of missed time from nash especially twords the end of the year when its playoff time in your fantasy league and nash is resting his back. and melo is fghting to keep his team in the playoffs and putting up huge #,s, what then? now does it seem fair?

    • Let it go. Stop abusing your power. Maybe the guy just likes Anthony... Don't take away a smart persons advantage. If you see Brevin Knight for Nash thats when you step in.

    • should have left the deciding to the rest of the members of your league via a vote. i'm on a 20 team league and every trade is scrutinized by the rest of the members. 6 veto votes nullifies the trade.

      good luck!

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      • if you'r in a yahoo league i don't think that it only takes 6 out of twenty....it takes a majority.....and then as the season goes along in that twenty team league and people stop paying attention, more trades will go through that shouldnt......thats why is not a league vote.....commish decides.......after i vetoed the trade the only complaint i recieved was from the guy getting nash...no one else in the league was up in arms about the trade...and it was posted for all to see...even the guy getting carmelo didnt complain

    • In my opinion, the league should be allowed to vote and veto a trade to determine whether or not it is justified. If the commisioner alone vetos, then it looks bad on his or her part if the trade isnt too far-fetched. In this case, even though the trade is lopsided, it isn't unbelievable. The player trying to get Carmelo may simply like the player or just wants to win the points category every time with his lineup and give up on assists. There is a substantial discrepency between around the 6th and 40th place but Carmelo last year was one of the league leaders in scoring and even though it doesnt mean everything to smart fantasy players, to others it may may sense. This doesn't seem to be a case of stacking a team but of sheer stupidity.

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      • to me...as commish.....it doesnt matter,,,i'm not gonna take the chance....for example..in one of my leagues, the guy drafted every single raptor...in order...moon was his 3rd pick i think...this was before the season started.........he probably wouldnt have hurt anyone...just wanted to watch his home team players play......i locked him out right after the draft.....if the guy came right out and told me that he knew nash was better....but just wanted all his favorite guys on his team, i would have locked him out too

    • you are 100% correct, and this is coming from a dude that has ANTHONY. So you can be assure that NOBODY in my league would have let that fly...no matter what. Nash is a first pick and anthony is a fourth rounder(I got him in the sixth if you can believe that).

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      • Its nice that you have Anthony, but you don't have the rest of the guys on his team. If you saw it you would understand why Anthony was actually not that bad of a pick up for Nash. Nash's stats were going to waste on his team. Everything Nash was good at the guy wasn't focused on.

        I agree you should build your team around your first pick. This guy didn't. Don't fault him for trading Nash now to help his team.

    • nash = 1st rounder (this year)

      anthony = 3rd rounder (highest yet)

      no way is the trade even close to being fair. the top PG in the game for a good but not great SF? lock the team of the dude that was complaining, take all his players out, and let everyone get a free win.

    • man that guys a joke he tricked some sucker into getting nash and get pissed off when it fdidnt work. that guy needs a SF so badly he can do way better than anthony. anythony is a 3rd rate fantasy option on his own team. and not good at anything in particular. while nash absolutely slaughters FG FT and ASSISTS

    • ya, you did the right thing, if one team bennefits from a trade like that it is unfair to all of the other teams in the league, although one guy is not smart it souldnt hurt the rest of the teams. Just tell the guy getting all pissed to cool it and take the veto like a man. I would probably try to have a message vote to everyone in the league and if more than half of the people say it is ok then you have to allow it. Then the league isnt being hurt too bad by the trade.

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