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  • Lisyna Lisyna Dec 13, 2007 4:17 PM Flag

    NASH for ANTHONY ?

    Oh yeah on a side note. Who the fuck would give up Nash for Anthony? One of the dumb trades of all time, either you're in Carmelo's #1 fan club and have a big head of him and just really want that wannabe thug who tries to fight people in the league and then runs after a sucker punch to be on your team. Other then that he is a great basketball player... He gets points and the fg% is usually fine.. rebound and assist is average but it is up and down. While Nash will put up decent points with enough assist to dish out to one of your other fantasy league and the only person that usually competes with him is Chris Paul on a consistency note that is... He also gets steals and is a great FT% benefit and his 3PT% is not that bad either. Now I don't know what you guys believe in focusing on more Points or Assist. But I think Assist is a little more harder to climb up and stablilize in the CATs.

    And honestly with your honest opinion unless you already have Chris Paul or another high calibre PG would you really give up Nash for a couple of points that probably in the long run wouldn't benefit you in many cases?

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