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  • Niroshan B Niroshan B Dec 13, 2007 2:18 PM Flag

    NASH for ANTHONY ?

    In my opinion, the league should be allowed to vote and veto a trade to determine whether or not it is justified. If the commisioner alone vetos, then it looks bad on his or her part if the trade isnt too far-fetched. In this case, even though the trade is lopsided, it isn't unbelievable. The player trying to get Carmelo may simply like the player or just wants to win the points category every time with his lineup and give up on assists. There is a substantial discrepency between around the 6th and 40th place but Carmelo last year was one of the league leaders in scoring and even though it doesnt mean everything to smart fantasy players, to others it may may sense. This doesn't seem to be a case of stacking a team but of sheer stupidity.

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    • to me...as commish.....it doesnt matter,,,i'm not gonna take the chance....for example..in one of my leagues, the guy drafted every single raptor...in order...moon was his 3rd pick i think...this was before the season started.........he probably wouldnt have hurt anyone...just wanted to watch his home team players play......i locked him out right after the draft.....if the guy came right out and told me that he knew nash was better....but just wanted all his favorite guys on his team, i would have locked him out too


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