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  • Dave R Dave R Dec 13, 2007 9:21 AM Flag

    what does o-rank actually mean? and...

    what's the diff between o-rank and rank?

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    • Wat Does BA stands forr
      Bad AZZES?? lol

    • I think some people have missed the fact that the O-rank does change throughout the season at certain intervals. Just wait and see, I assure you the O-ranks will change. They do every year in every Yahoo! fantasy sport...some more than others.
      Still, it is the 'Rank' column which determines the current rank of players. O-rank should still be relied upon as more of a prediction.

    • I believe it means Off-Season ranking. The current value/rank of the fantasy player is actually on the Rank column.

    • In short, O-Rank is simply the PRE-SEASON default Yahoo! player rankings ( if you participated in an auto-draft, this is the default order). This is contrary to the definition that Yahoo! gives for "O-Rank" within the Legend (as specified in my long letter)

      Rank is each player's rank within the SYSTEM you are playing in. This will change if you are sorting by season total/season average (Marion may be 1st in season total, but Paul could 1st in season avg)

    • written to Yahoo! help, by me, yesterday

      "Okay--I can't BELIEVE how long I played fantasy basketball as mis-informed about some of the in-game settings, rankings, and systems as I was, nor can I believe this current system is in existence/tolerated. Since I have played in multiple public leagues & private leagues where people were just as confused as I was (and I am of above-average intelligence and have a good mind for numbers/statistics), I am assuming that you literally have more than half of Yahoo! Fantasy NBA participants having no idea what the difference between "O-Rank" and "Rank" are and how they are applicable to the different league styles. If you (technician) are not VERY, VERY FAMILIAR with Yahoo! Fantasy NBA, please pass this off to someone else.

      When you go into the "Legend" where there are brief descriptions and definitions of "O-Rank," "Rank," and various other symbols/terms, notice how it says "O-Rank:Player's overall Yahoo! Sports ranking (based on current and prior seasons)." Well, first of all, this simply is not true. All O-Rank is actually indicating is Yahoo!'s PRE-DRAFT, PRESEASON, DEFAULT player rankings. It has absolutely NO bearing on a player's fantasy performance this year, and apparently takes into account injuries and various other factors very sporadically. I want to point out the current (since they haven't changed all season, despite SPECIFICALLY SAYING that it's based on "current season" as well) "O-Ranks" of 3 particular players to partially illustrate what I am talking about.

      Gilbert Arenas, O-Rank 7; Elton Brand, O-Rank 133; and Shaquille O'Neal, O-Rank 384. Clearly, when Shaquille's O-Rank was determined by Yahoo!, it took into account the fact that he played only 40 games last year (injury factor), otherwise a rank that low simply WOULDN'T MAKE SENSE!! Why, then, is Elton Brand, whose injury-severity and approximate timetable for return were pre-determined LONG before the season started, ranked 133, above players such as Jamal Tinsley, Jose Calderon, or J.R. Smith (all who played close to 70 games last year and have no pre-existing conditions), when there is absolutely NO WAY that Brand could contribute more than these other players, either in roto leagues OR head-to-head?? (Please realize I am not objecting to any particular player's specific ranking, only the system, and doing my best to find clear examples.) Gilbert Arenas, despite being out with injury for a number of months, for some reason remains at O-Rank #7. Therefore, how does it make sense for Yahoo! to sort according to these O-Ranks by default as the season progresses? Perhaps my biggest gripe is that when I go to make a transaction with a manager within my league, ONLY the "O-Rank" is listed next to each player's name, depriving of ACTUAL RELEVANT information on their own/targeted players.

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      • As for your last point, when you are making a trade you can hit the "ranks" button and it will bring up "last week's avg rank", "last weeks actual rank" and will do the same for the "last 4 weeks" and "season". The reason Elton Brand is still ranked so high (which is not very high at all) is because you can have him for the playoffs (he will have returned by the time fantasy playoffs start) and since the playoffs are more important than the regular season it weighs into his ranking. As for Shaq, I think the preseason ranking is right on the money, I have been playing fantasy basketball for about 5 years now and I can tell you that I would never draft Shaq, not even with my last pick, he's a detriment to your team, there are much better picks at the center positioin (although I have to admit that the center position is the toughest to fill). I like the O-rank because its a good way to find good players that were injured and dropped earlier in the season and thus there actual rankings have dropped (which all I look at is average/actual rankings). Its easy for other managers to forget about players (such as Elton Brand) and I add them a couple weeks before their projected return).

      • I have had people trying to tell me that "O-Rank" was "Offensive-Rank," I have had people telling me that it has to do with a player's CURRENT SEASON AVERAGES only (the one thing that it clearly does not take into account, despite claiming to), and have heard many other misconceptions as well. With such a central aspect to fantasy NBA being so unclear, I am baffled that this has not been altered or fixed in some way.

        By calling this "O-Rank" by its current name IN ADDITION to having a description for it in the Legend that simply is NOT TRUE, you have both confused and mis-informed thousands of fantasy fans. A more appropriate title for this particular statistical column would be "Preseason Projected Rank" (similar to football, except not updated weekly), or you could find some way to ACTUALLY take into account a player's current season performance, statistics, afflictions, injuries, and so forth. Please, I implore you, take the time to get this feedback to someone who can understand it fully and provide an explanation as to why there is (if it has even been brought to attention) such a blatant and more-than-slightly ridiculous flaw within the player-sorting system.

        Thank you very much for your time, and know that I am a HUGE fan of Yahoo! fantasy sports, but am simply frustrated by this ONE aspect of this ONE sport. I wouldn't have taken the time to write this feedback if I did not think it could be easily fixed if only brought to the knowledge of the correct people.


    • I figured that at the commisioner's corner, someone would know this. Am I wrong?


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