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  • Nicholas Nicholas Oct 12, 2007 5:49 PM Flag


    Teams left:
    by: nicholas (philadelphia nuggets) oct 11 9:54pm
    id: 85249
    p.w. Basketball

    looking for live coaches for my league. This league is 1 eastern team and 1 western team makes up your team.teams are alread predrafted. You may only trade players that gets traded in real lefe......very good luck.....

    teams left:

    1.chicago timberwolves
    2.toranto trail blazzers
    3.washington clippers
    4.indiana warriors
    5.new york jazz
    6.charlotte rockets

    teams takin:

    1.philadelphia nuggets
    2.boston mavericks
    3.detroit grizzlies
    4.seattle cavaliers
    5.milwaukee suns
    6.atlanta spurs
    7.new jersey jazz
    8.miami kings
    9.orlando lakers

    all you have to do to claim your team is:

    1. Pick what team you want from the list above.

    2.make the team name your team name (copy exactly to lock your team)


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