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  • T-Dubs T-Dubs Oct 11, 2007 9:51 PM Flag

    Questions to all Commisioners

    What is the good size for the fantasy basketball?

    i mean by how many ppl will be good enough to play fantasy??

    please pick one

    8, 10, 12, 14

    each player can own up to 15 players

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    • 12 is best. 14 is also good

    • 12 is best. 14 is also good

    • 18-20 teams is the best.

      When you have to pick up guys too help your nba stars this resembles the real nba than some star studded 12 team league.

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      • I like 10-12 with smaller rosters (10-12) so that the talent pool on the waiver wire is still good ... I also don't like streaming of players so usually set the league to fix rosters weekly on monday's ... which at first most people don't like the idea of (too confining, less reactionary), but it also means managers have to commit to rosters and their decisions are more meaningful (also means I can go on holidays for a week and not lose my fantasy league because of it).

    • "Good enough" (as you wrote) can be as few as six (but everyone's team is filled with stars). Optimum, I think, is ten players, which is how many we had last season. With 10 (10 players per team and 3 on the bench), free agents who do well have just the right impact it seems. Plus, with 12 or more, you're talking about pretty low odds on winning the league.


    • ...tae won, you ask a good question, although a little confusing.....no matter, my answer should take care of all situations.....

      the best possible league formation in any team fantasy sport, is to have a good balance between taken players ( on some teams rosters ) and available players ( free agents on waivers )....without waiver pickup limits (especially in baseball and basketball), if there's too much talent available on waivers, similar to the last few players on everyone's team rosters, there's nothing to deter daily 'streaming of players' which often leads to league discontent

      therefore, multiply the # of teams you want in your league, with the number of prospective rosters spots you're considering, and then look at all available players ( everyone should be still in basketball if you're league hasn't drafted yet )....for example, 12 team league and 15 man rosters is 180.....look at the 170-180 rated players ( guys likely to be on some team ) and look at 181 to lets say about 220-250 ( the top 50-75 players expected to be available on waivers )......the best possible scenario is to find the best drop off point of talent....this is usually accomplished with at least 12 team leagues and fairly large rosters...

      the opposite is the 8 or 10 team league with only 2 or 3 bench spots and guys ranked in Yahoo top 150 (some) will be available all year long in that kind of league, not very sensible

      hope this helps and good luck



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