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  • Abc Abc Feb 8, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    Black family to sue Disney!! Get this everyone!!

    These useless #$%$ trying to get paid millions because some big white bunny mascot would not hold and touch there kids for pictures but would hold the white kids ?? ARE YOU F$cking SERIOUS? The bad thing about it is that some black lawyer that probably had his school paid for by the tax payers will win a couple million for these useless #$%$ in a stupid #$%$ lawsuit! This world is going to #$%$

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    • Doesn't matter if they are Black , White ,Yellow or Purple ..being upset because you preceive a situation as being racial and unfair (to you) is stupid and more based on making money rather than settling a problem . Remember the lady who drove thru Mc Donalds and sued for spilling hot coffee on herself..or the guy who threw himself in front of a subway train to commit suicide but lived and then turned around an sued the city of New York ..and won..so wrong ,how stupid are we ??

    • They deserve millions and the bunny should change into his clucky costume, a white hood.


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