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    "PURPOSE" of the silly ABC groups

    Even Yahoo staff can't explain why the players are divided into ABC groups. Here is their senseless response: "We use the final money list as a basis for the A/B/C groups, but then we spread players around to ensure we have players to choose from in each list for all tournaments, even the ones where the higher ranked golfers don't play."

    So WHY??? 2 in A, 4 in B and 2 in C and why split them up at all? Is there some strategy involved?

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    • Very simple. If you had your choice, would you play 8 of the top 15 players in the world or 8 of the bottom 100 players in the world?

    • Originally, the A group contained the best golfers or those golfers most likely to win and of course make the cut. B was to have golfers not as good as the A-Group and then C-Group would have PGA players with the worst performance or least chance to win and most or all rookies.

      This has not been followed closely in recent years. The 2,4,2 wrinkle does have some effect on Fantasy Play. If both your A players make the cut and only one B-player, the A, B, C Groups changes play as compared one Group of 8 golfers with any 4 allowed to fill roster slots.

      A, B, C is a wrinkle - the Grouping basis does not have the same criteria that were once used or at best it is followed with less rigor.


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