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  • Brent Brent Jun 23, 2012 10:33 AM Flag

    rain delayed Tee times/ roster changes

    There has got to be a way that Yahoo can adjust for roster changes when there is a rain delay. The player, myself, does not know who the better golfer is until a round is completed and if there is a rain delay like this week then Yahoo forces you to make that line up change too early, before the 2nd round was even finshed I have to decide who to play. Why can't you set it up like Yahoo baseball and just allow the players to be changed 10 to 15 minutes before the game/ round begins?

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    • I love how you only see these twats on here when they whine and get their labia a flappin' about something.

    • Yup! I was in my roster, refreshing like crazy, and there was NEVER a chance to change my roster for the third round. 9:30 came and went and it would not ever, ever let me make adjustments.

      Frigging LAME, Yahoo!

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      • Here is a truncated copy of Yahoo's current rule regarding delays. They have posted that the deadline for R3 was at 12:30 PM ET. Well, I was refereshing as well prior to that & never had a chanc. In addition R2 scores are still missing.

        Delayed or suspended rounds in Fantasy Golf

        ID: SLN6324
        Refers to: Fantasy Golf


        This article discusses what happens if a golf tournament is delayed, suspended, cancelled, or postponed due to weather or other circumstances.


        Lineup deadlines can and will change if a round is delayed, suspended, or postponed due to weather or other circumstances.

        Regardless of whether a round is delayed or not, the initial deadline for editing your lineup for the following round will always be 2am Pacific Time on the day that the round was originally scheduled. After the previous round has been completed, the PGA Tour will announce the new tee time for the upcoming round. Once this data has been received from our data provider (generally 10-15 minutes following its announcement), we will open up the deadline, from the time we receive the new tee time until 5 minutes prior to that scheduled tee time, to allow you to make any last-minute adjustments.

        Since the time from which tee time data is received to the scheduled tee time is relatively short, your window for editing your lineup in the event of delays is relatively small.

        For some clarity on how deadlines for editing your golfer lineup are effected in the event of a delay, please see the below example (based on a 4 round tournament beginning on Thursday):

        Round 1 (Thursday) - Your lineup must be set by 2am PT on Thursday for Round 1. Any changes to your lineup after 2am would be applied to Round 2. Due to weather conditions, Round 1 is delayed and must be finished on Friday.

    • Yup started teeing off were screwed now Sucks.

    • This really is the biggest of several problems with this "fantasy league" and one I have pointed out in this forum repeatedly. Why changes are locked out with groups still having up to 5 holes to play to finish the 2nd round is quite simply idiotic. You would think that with over 100k teams they would pay a little more attention to this.

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      • Another round's changes lost... Round 3 tee times appeared on PGAtour.com within the 5 minute cutoff Yahoo uses so we never had a chance to enter 3rd round lineup changes. I'd like to say this was the somewhere in the top 10 times this has happened but that would be a lie.

        I'd really like someone from Yahoo to respond to just why changes are locked out BEFORE the previous round has finished and not sound like a COMPLETE MORON!

        This is getting to the point where I really have to decide whether to continue or just cash in and walk away. Vote with my wallet, as I like to say, There are better options for fantasy golf (CBS, Golf Channel) and I think the only way Yahoo will pay any attention to this is if enough teams leave (and let 'em know why on the way out the door).

    • They do adjust sometimes so keep your eye open. I have seen other times where they made a 1 hour window after round ended and before 3rd day T Times were anounced.

    • I've been playing Yahoo Fantasy Golf for 10 years and they have yet to figure out how to do this right. They claim the night before they will adjust Round 3 posting time, but never do. They are a bunch of idiots. One possible solution is to complain to the PGA that they need to get a new Company to run this Contest.

    • they kind of do...you just have to check in every 5 or 10 minutes to see when they will unlock the 3rd round for selection. perfect for those with portable technology or those who have nothing better to do. Yahoo golf has always been handled wrong...and the PGATour.com doesn't seem to care.

    • They will change the time soon as the PGA provides them with 1.


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