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  • randun randun Mar 30, 2012 9:20 AM Flag

    R2 Deadline: HSO

    Why did Yahoo retain the R2 deadline per below when tee times haven't even been set for R2 & there are still players on the course from R1 at ~9:13 AM ET!

    Round 2:
    Fri 3/30 8:20 am EDT - passed

    I still have a starter & a sub in play & will want to make a change prior to R2.

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    • Set round 3 NOW..PUDS...and YES you will have to guess at the cut....WAH.......

    • I have an idea. THINK AHEAD! PLAY THE GAME AND STOP WHINING! Why do dufus' always expect something for nothing?

    • The deadline for round 2 is 9:50 PDT or 12:50 EDT you got about 40 mins to change anyone.

    • You can make Rnd. 2 changes right now until 11:50 CDT.

    • They finally adjusted the R2 deadline to 12:50 PM ET!

    • I just viewed the Help topic on weather delays & unless I'm misinterpreting something, Yahoo has to delay the deadline based on this info (R2 info copied below) & their overall TOS.
      Round 2 (Friday) - Your lineup must be set by 2am PT on Friday for Round 2, regardless of the fact that Round 1 has not been completed. Any changes you make to your lineup between 2am and the point at which we receive the new tee time for Round 2 would be applied to your Round 3 lineup. However, since there was a weather delay, we will open a window of time from the point that we receive the new tee time up until five minutes prior to the announced tee time. So, if Round 1 is completed at 8am on Friday, and the PGA announces at 8:15am that the tee time for Round 2 will be 8:55 am, and we receive this data by 8:30am, the window of time you have to edit your lineup would be from 8:30am - 8:50am (20 minutes). Please note, this is only an example, and the time frame you have to edit your lineup may be longer, dependent on when we receive the new tee time from our data provider and when that new tee time is announced to be. However, any lineup changes you make to your lineup outside of this time frame would be applied to Round 3.

      Please note: Unfortunately, there is no set time as to when the PGA will announce new tee times, so the time frame to edit your line up for upcoming rounds will vary from event to event when a delay occurs. However, we will post a note on your team page and advise you of the new deadline. Also, the next round roster deadline will only be adjusted once we have received the next round's tee time from our data provider following the PGA announcement. Until this data has been received, the round will maintain the default deadline of 2am PT.

      Regretfully, it will sometimes be necessary to set your lineup for the weekend before it has actually been determined which golfers made the cut for the event.

    • Yea me too. I had guys not even teed off in 1st round yet. 1 that I really hope im not stuck with now that I see how his 1st round is going. This will suck if im stuck with him. ????????


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