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  • ICE® ICE® Jan 28, 2012 6:55 PM Flag

    The LAPDOG Whisperer returns...

    Where is the star of my Lapdog and Pony Show?

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    • REWARD: Lost Lapdog, shaking, 3-4lbs (wet), has tiny wanker, dingles removed, tongue wags non stop, annoying high pitched yap type barking, chases tail often, will yap and bark at anything and everything for hours on end, chases parked cars and bikes in bike racks. Will answer to ANYTHING, EVERYTHING,ANYONE and EVERYONE! Desperate for attention and sensAtive to being kicked. Will obey trained Lapdog Whisperers. Caution, may try to tranScend your leg. Will accept dead or alive...Offering One Large (10cents/dime) and the small (5cents/nickel) Call- 1-800-DOG-IMED's


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