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  • Big A Big A Aug 8, 2011 1:05 PM Flag

    Poor Waitress and Service BEWARE!!

    Just a warning to you, There is a waitress by the name of Amber at Cracker Barrel at 9330 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC near my home who is terrible! At 9:20am this morning I had breakfast there and my eggs we terribly cooked. I demanded that my eggs be prepared correctly and she politely took the eggs back to be properly done. The eggs were still horribly done the second time. I asked again why the eggs were not prepared correctly and also brought up the fact that my hashbrown casserole was now cold due to the eggs not being in a state that I would consider edible. I this time demanded that someone different prepare my eggs and that I get a fresh hot order of hashbrown casserole once the eggs are done to perfection. This time Amber's attitude became absolutely unacceptable as she apologized for my eggs and said she would go back to see what was going on. That is NOT what I asked for. I don't need excuses and lip service I need correctly cooked eggs, PERIOD!. I started to head back to the kitchen to resolve this issue myself where three members of the server staff, including someone claiming to be a "manager" would not allow me to pass into the kitchen to have a one on one come to Jesus meeting with the cook responsible for my horrid eggs. After their unacceptable refusal to allow me into the kitchen they then took over 30 minutes to prepare my eggs correctly! Absolutely unacceptable!! After three times the eggs were correct however the portion of warm hashbrown casserole that they gave with the fresh eggs was small and unacceptable. I asked Amber for an explaination. Again none was received and I again headed back to the kitchen where I was AGAIN stopped and this time asked to leave. I went back to my table and poured my coffee on the floor and dumped the hashbrown casserole onto the chair and asked for a to go box for my eggs which they refused to give so ultimately I had NO EGGS! Terrible. As a resident of the community I expected better service from my local Cracker Barrel. I will be visiting my local Chamber of Commerce later today and filing legal action against the folks at this Cracker Barrel. Again the address is 9330 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC. Please avoid this Cracker Barrel location and the poor waitress Amber and the aggressive staff at all costs!!!

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