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  • You have also been reported to Yahoo along with Jigbeater for abuse as a result of your racist comments and behavior. Unacceptable.

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    • It is a sad but simple fact: Yahoo! doesn't give a damn about board abuse. It doesn't matter whether it's flagrant racism, vile misogyny, filthy obscenity or even death threats. I've reported countless posts, and Yahoo's response was to make it more difficult to report abuse. In the rare instance that they delete a profile, it's like playing Whack-A-Mole; the same user pops up with three new identities.

      The only thing holding this board together is the individual consciences of its members. And the great majority of the "regular" members have none. They are mostly sociopaths. They'd stab their own grandmothers so they could laugh at the funny faces she makes while writhing around in her death throes. They don't care about other people. They don't care about the promise they made to NOT behave as they do when they joined Yahoo! All they care about is the ego boost they get from seeing their vomit in print on the World Wide Web. And if they can hurt or offend someone in the process, it just makes them feel even more important.

      Reporting them doesn't work. They can't be reasoned with, as they lack reason or conscience. You either choose to play in their $hit-filled litterbox or you go away.

      It's not right. It's not fair. It's not legal. But it's how it is. It takes a legal flyswatter the size of Time-Warner's to get Yahoo's attention.

      I agree with everything you said... and it won't accomplish squat. You can't force these folks to behave as they promised to (that's why we label them "sociopaths"), and Yahoo! won't.

    • Yes and no.

      The first comings but The Phoenix always rises from the ashes.

    • HEY tee time you spud,don't come in here & pout..You just turned the racist card on yourself.When is the last time you even posted here unless your sidekick poster is noonan.

    • Slap N. that was very rude and very wrong.Yahoo will take action and my white self will make sure of it....



    • Noonan... I have also reported a few of these individuals and am making progress with yahoo currently.You do have rights as do we all,but your are 100% correct the lines are continually crossed...this is everyone's BOARD..........

    • Hey Noonan!! You and Swemi jigboy porchmonkey are the reason that the N word will always be around. Both of you two cry cry cry like little baby biatches. " I'm telling yahoo"

      As long as you are around I know this board has whinny arse jigboy loser cumface n*gger I can talk to.

    • Didn't chucky b get Tommy and Marcus T booted?

    • If the people with those ID's cross the line of racist behavior then they will be reported as well. I have been around for a while and have never seen those ID's make the type of horrid racist comments that the ID's I reported so far have.

    • If you think this guy Chucky B is bad you should get a load of the guy that goes by Tommy T, Boo C , Marcos T

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