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  • Big A Big A Aug 7, 2011 10:41 PM Flag

    Swami S

    A fair question. As a member of this board I have the right to enjoy a forum free of racism and hate. It has nothing to do with self fulfillment or reward. I am a proud black man who should not have to see "jigboy" and "porch monkey" every other posting. No one should have to be subject to the hate and filth. It's vile and disgusting and unacceptable. Yahoo provided the option for users to report abusive behavior and due to the graphic racist comments several of these ID's use on a regular basis I have decided to use these features. Yahoo does not take this racist behavior lightly and if users can not participate in these forums without spewing this racist hate then they have no place here and need to be removed. I would hope, unless you are racist as well, would understand the decency of my actions to try to make this a fine, clean online community.


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