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  • A Yahoo! User May 20, 2011 9:24 PM Flag

    I do not understand 1 thing?

    Why not Neil B, Lewis F, Crayo, Fup duck, ts, and the other people that bark nonstop make a league and play eachother? This could stopp all the I got this , you got that, I did this?? Are all of you children?

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    • "Children" is giving them too much credit. They are a collection of infants who are in love with the sound of their own keyboard clicks--though they barely know how to actually USE a keyboard, judging from their collective grammar, spelling, and general gibberish. Add to that a collective disgust and ignorance of the solemn (and legally binding) promise that they made to adhere to certain rules of behavior when they signed their Yahoo User Agreement. The end result is a bunch of drunken, obscene pre-schoolers all trying to demonstrate (through incoherent rhetoric) the size of their Fantasy Penis.

      Between those who need to brag about their 30+ various teams and those who feel the need to make 30+ nonsensical posts in a row insulting one of those 30+ teams, this board is nothing more than a cesspool of ignorance, infantilism and chimpanzee-like feces-slinging.

      And that's discounting the frequent teabagger political nonsense.

      If you have a real question about how the game works, feel free to ask me. I'll try to help.


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