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  • Homer Homer Mar 13, 2011 11:46 AM Flag

    Seriously people...Really?

    Do you really have to have the scores updated for you to decide what moves to make? How insane! Your biggest concerns are FG numbers not being posted. Have you heard of math? It's a ciphering system that allows you to add/subtract/divide & multiply figures to achieve a result...do it yourself for a change!!
    Some of you really need to priortize yourselves...I really find it hard to believe that this is that big of a deal considering all of the other problems in the world!!

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    • you puds gotta try the decaf.

    • You must play in a very basic league. Mine has inter-league play and play against other leagues. When yahoo posts multiple rounds at the same time someon has to go back and manually retreive the numbers for every team in each league. (Nearly 200 people). It's PIA. Nobody here is asking for yahoo to do anything more than they say they will. This happens multiple times each season in fantasy golf. It NEVER happens in football or baseball.

    • can you really be this ignorant ,its not about knowing what moves to make, and , no , its isnt our top priority in life , people just want the scores to update , its not a matter of weather or not they can do the math , we want to see the changes in standings in our leagues , and see the point changes , its not rocket science , should papers no longer print the basketball standings just because we can all cipher it out with our own math.NO , new updated standings make the game more fun and interesting to follow and i for one am about sick and freaking tired of having to decipher all this crap on my own , it robs me of time and pleasure ,and it has nothing to do w what you perceive to be going on in the world, are u saying bcuz there is terrorism and an earthquake that yahoo shouldn't be expected to push a button and update these standings.?? QUACK. your logic is so astoundingly stupid ur last name must be simpson SHHHEEEEEEEEEESH

    • My cipher is naught.


      Google it.


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