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  • Daniels Daniels Sep 26, 2010 10:53 AM Flag

    An Open Letter To Yahoo Golf Program Manager

    With over 100,000 participants in Fantasy Golf, it's hard to believe that you don't take this program seriously enough to reliably post scores. I can appreciate technical issues and database glitches that would delay the postings. But even then, a note to players about the delay is not an unreasonable expectation.

    I've played Yahoo Golf for four years and appreciate the free entertainment. I just don't think you appreciate the loyalty from your players.

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    • it's a trickle down theory, things will get fixed eventually, theoretically, and if not, we'll dream up some WMDs and blame it on a dark-skinned culture that deplores our ignorance and lack of education

    • and idiot look at the bottom of the page the SCORERS FLYING UNDER YAHOOS banner has thier OWN BANNNER THEY FLY NICE AND PROUD .. idiot

    • SO bill how was that relevent at all to my post ...

      you claimed yahoo read you crying .. and got the score done .. YAHOO DOESN"T do the scores .. a 3rd party does ..

      also I pointed out read this board once it pretty obvious yahoo doesn't use it for information.

      see FANTASY living make it impossible for you to realize your insulting people too .. and you keep replying to me and you attacked me to start with .. sound like you got a little defensive .. which is wierd because to start with NO ONE WAS TALKING TO YOU

      is this the most interaction you have had in a while ?

      If funny he really thinks he was responding to the thread .. but in REALITY which he is kinda short on .. he was attacking me and putt putt ..

      but high and mighty fantasy man thinks otherwise.

      once again here is a little perspective .. ITS FREE YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR .. quit crying about it .

      So lets see your responces where you way above it all and you are not defensive at all .. and please give us another tale where you PRETEND ..

      just gotta laugh when someone says they invested alot of time in a FANTASY GAME ..


    • Hey bill now that FANTASY GOLF is over what are you going to do with all your valuable time you spent on golf ..

      Well I guess there are other FANTASY thing you can spend quality time doing ..

    • I take it personally ?

      the guy you were talking about who was threatening people was ME ..

      Why did you get invovled?

      a valid Point would be you PAY NOTHING FOR THIS .. have you ever heard you get what you PAY for ..

      So let recap I was threatened and responded I also responded to thier complaint about timely updates ..

      you did neither all you did was tag along and talk about to guys on the thread ..

      I think bill H live with his dad how else would you explain how it not possible to be in your PARENTS BASEMENT .. sometime people slip up and divulge some info .. good luck old man you'll need it

      can I do better ? why would I your not paying me ... SEE how you freeloaders expect so little while giving nothing ..

    • Actually, I HAVE written and gotten responses from the folks that run the game in the past (whether it's a third party or not is irrelevant, it's flying under the Yahoo banner). They were cordial and took responsibility for another scoring issue.
      Nice try though. It's a fun game...you should try a little perspective some time. Not sure what your issue is, but you are awfully defensive. Supporting the original poster is hardly crying...actually, what you are doing is more along those lines..let it go and have a good night.
      Oh, and by the way...It's a message board. That's for sharing thoughts. You should try it sometime instead of attacking people with constructive criticism. Your rants are only surpassed by the guy who attacked all Americans because some guy wanted timely score keeping...Once again, a little perspective...but I've tried to use crayola talk to explain it to you and you continue to insult ...so move on.

    • Houston will always be Dallas' stinky little fat brother.

    • You can do better.
      The whole point of this thread was asking for timely updates. Why you take it personally is something only you know..
      But it was a valid point.
      Let it go.
      We had one guy threatening others, you acting like an infant over what? That the guy asked for timely updates?
      Make sure you turn out the basement lights when you go to bed, sonny.

    • you invested a FAIR amount of your time in a GAME and free at that .. wow and you think I live in my DADS basement ?

      are you kinda telling us your sitution? your pretty specific ? its not parents it your "DADS"

      So if yahoo does something they should do it right ? well then why don;t you play on a site with premiums and DO IT RIGHT ?

      ar eyou one of those people who talk alot but don't follow through ?

      oh hey the REAL WORLD doesn't count a free FANTASY GOLF SITE ..

      you should never invest time in a FANTASY

    • I wasn't responding to you, but you might want to take an anger management course while you whine...
      I wasn't crying about anything, I invested a fair amount of time in this game and if Yahoo is going to do something, they should do it right.
      I suspect you give a half arsed effort at everything you do and expect no constructive criticism. You're all full of anger and excuses but no solutions. Grow up.
      Everyone understands it's a free contest. You probably don't leave your Dad's basement often enough to see the real world, but out here there's expectations of performance.

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