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  • Bill H Bill H Sep 27, 2010 12:44 AM Flag

    An Open Letter To Yahoo Golf Program Manager

    Actually, I HAVE written and gotten responses from the folks that run the game in the past (whether it's a third party or not is irrelevant, it's flying under the Yahoo banner). They were cordial and took responsibility for another scoring issue.
    Nice try though. It's a fun game...you should try a little perspective some time. Not sure what your issue is, but you are awfully defensive. Supporting the original poster is hardly crying...actually, what you are doing is more along those lines..let it go and have a good night.
    Oh, and by the way...It's a message board. That's for sharing thoughts. You should try it sometime instead of attacking people with constructive criticism. Your rants are only surpassed by the guy who attacked all Americans because some guy wanted timely score keeping...Once again, a little perspective...but I've tried to use crayola talk to explain it to you and you continue to insult ...so move on.