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  • fup duck fup duck Jul 16, 2010 12:03 PM Flag

    lost conservatives

    what happened to the conservative party?
    It still trying to sell Americans on the woes of big govt and spending, and yet the party is dominated now by neoconservatives who, as we saw with Bush, had no problem spending money (creating record natl. debt), while inflating govt and eliminating personal freedoms with programs such as the Patriot Act. Nutcase politics won't save this party, getting back to it's true conservative roots might. But what we see today is 180 deg opposite of what the party is trying to spin us. Those who read my posts know that I also criticize Obama and the democrats...am be the only person here in the ygb who is not blinded by idiotic party wars

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    • yeah you dont have to look far for nutcase politics....jus look at the white house....lmao

      the sad thing is you're trying to give people a hard time that dont want to march to nobama's drum

      when you finally wake up...it might be too late

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      • sad thing is you automatically assume because I'm not a rah rah neoconservative that I automatically support Obama's policies, WRONG....but of the thousands of lame anti-Obama posts you and Fonz have posted here in the last month, not one has made a case for how the GOP is offering any meaningful solutions to any of the problems you whine about...all you want is to win, you don't care who you elect because to you it's like a high school football game. Take responsibility, get an education that teaches critical thinking, and for onec view the world apart from the party lines Rush Limbaugh has drawn for you.

      • Liberals never wake up. They go to their graves playing the victim and blaming everyone else for their own failures.

        Liberals are totally incapable of taking personal responsibility for their own lives.


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