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  • Dr.Dose Dr.Dose May 25, 2010 11:51 AM Flag

    Another day, another 50,000 gallons

    The Federal government has nothing to do with this ? Since 2008, BP lobbyists have spent $30 million to influence legislation, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The 17th-ranked lobbying company in 2009, it has also nearly doubled its percentage of campaign contributions to Democrats. Obama was the largest recipient of campaign contributions from BP employees in 2008, at $71,000.
    The Federal government has granted numerous "environmental waivers" for off-shore drilling since the clueless wonder declared a moratorium on same. BP’s idea of working tirelessly with government agencies was lobbying them to bypass environmental-impact reviews for well-permits.

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    • this rig was operating during bushs 8 terms in fact it was built while cheney was CEO of haliburton .. but now its obamas fault .. this thing HAD A LONG HISTORY of problems.. did we drop the ball yes but we dropped the ball since this thing was built .. haliburton is corrupt company they do everything as cheap as possible ... look what they did in Iraq

    • hasn't palin and her league of morons slogan been DRILL BABY DRILL .. you think if her and mccain were elected this wouldn't of happened ?