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  • A Yahoo! User May 24, 2010 5:03 PM Flag

    Another day, another 50,000 gallons

    Yes, Obama blew up that oil rig to create this natural disaster.

    I hate that racist arseclown Obama like most Americans but the tripe you and your alter egos The Truth and Deja Vu is just ignorant and without merit. Now get lost before I hack your remaining limbs off.

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    • I dislike Obama and his ilk more than I dislike lima beans, and that's a whole lot


      Obama and/or the Federal government has nothing to do with this

      if you really DO want everything to be under government control, just bend over now

      if not, you have to deal with stuff like this

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      • The Federal government has nothing to do with this ? Since 2008, BP lobbyists have spent $30 million to influence legislation, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The 17th-ranked lobbying company in 2009, it has also nearly doubled its percentage of campaign contributions to Democrats. Obama was the largest recipient of campaign contributions from BP employees in 2008, at $71,000.
        The Federal government has granted numerous "environmental waivers" for off-shore drilling since the clueless wonder declared a moratorium on same. BP’s idea of working tirelessly with government agencies was lobbying them to bypass environmental-impact reviews for well-permits.


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