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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 16, 2010 9:44 AM Flag

    The Volcano in Iceland


    Has already spewed 100Xs more carbon in the atmosphere than all man made and gass guzziling cars have EVER done. Do you now understand why you global warming nuts are so stupid? Get a life Gore and Fup and all you dum greenies

    a who he he who who

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    • nah, wasn't ignoring the post kurt, but working....I know you don't understand the concept. volcano gas isn't the same as car gas, donce pants fuct-brain

    • GOd already has mad eyou pay .. open your eyes .. god teaches compassion and understanding even for those who stray .. GOP does little of any,, if anybody plays god its THE GOP ..

    • GOP running scared its what they do but thier like cochraochs they will be back ..

      everything I said was a fact .. you can't even begin to try as call me on any off them caus eyou know I am right

    • oh just to make it clear you have NO response to any of the fact laid befor eyou ..

      if you truly beleive in god GOP should be scared .. religion teachs us to have comppassion and only GOD judges .. have you heard a GOP no compassion and they judge everything

    • see again 2 faced kurt replies to himself on a daily basis .. he talking in the third person so he literally talks to himself

    • you blame clinton for not killiing osama

      not only did bush NOT kill osama when he had the chance but reagan funded Osama .. yet your more concerned with clinton

    • seriously do you GOP have anything better to do ?

      you condone wars in Iraq

      but dismiss healthcare for american ?

      you hate gays

      but stand behind a church system that has been raping BOYS for hundreds of years ..

      you dismiss terrorism

      unless it is a white man planing to do the terrorism

      its really sick .. if you have belief stick to then all the time not just when you bigot attitude fits ..

    • how is factories mother nature ? the whole poijnt is you can't stop nature but you can control industry .. there is nothing natural about it ..

      just like you can't stop babies from dying everyday from natural causes .. yet you wanna stop the manmade abortions ? sound kinda 2 faced ..

      smog from companies kill people everyday

    • hmmm... dont know how i stumbled upon this post from fantasy baseball but i have to ask...

      a volcano erupts and spews 100x more carbon than humans.... this makes people who believe in global warming stupid how???

      and just to avoid any name calling and mudslinging, let me make my position clear, because i am not trying to argue with you, just get an explanation.... i believe CLIMATE CHANGE (not warming) exists and has been proven to exist for as long as earth has been around. scientific evidence proves this (ice ages, carbon cores, etc)


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