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    It Was So Appropriate


    Phil and Amy's glowing moment of happiness together in the sunshine. Hollywood could not have scripterd it better. Only the rainbow was missing. It really was good triumphing over evil.
    It was the worst case scenario for Eldrip. Not being able to step with Phil on a Sunday at the worlds most prestigious golf tournament. Watching Phil win and embrace his loving wife. After all they went through they were able to look into each others eyes with hope and love. Eldrip may be helped by watching this.
    This life is a crazy one. One day you have two legs and the next day you have one. Cancer and tragedys happen. This is life. Eldrip will have no one's eyes to gaze into God forbid he is on his death bed.
    God forbid his children become ill, he cannot ever have the strength to face it as a loving couple would be able to. I wish no ill will for Eldrip but he has been the most selfish human being on the planet. He hurt ALOT of people including those who looked up to him. Still he continues to show his arrogance and his self centerdness.
    I think watching what Phil and Amy have maybe could wake him up. There is still time for him to make things right. he needs to get the chip off his shoulder. He lost the right to carry one. He should be humble and he should be accomodating to the fans of golf. He should clean up his act for the kids. We shouild all pray for him

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