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    UPDATED Free Spreadsheets

    Free spreadsheets for tracking Yahoo! Fantasy Golf data have been updated and are available at KeepandShare. Several new features have been added to the Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Roster Data and to the 2003-2007 PGA Low Rounds files. In the "Roster Data" file, managers can now track the average finishes of their team as compared to the Yahoo! Best Weeks overall, and top 5s and top 10s can be monitored, as well. The spreadsheet has been streamlined and trimmed, also. The "Low Rounds" file has new data pertaining to rounds and wins. Both these files are ALOT better, so if you liked previous versions, you will like these better.

    Good news...charts have finally been added to the EXCEL version of the "Roster Data" file. The charts add alot, so check them out. They are in tabs bottom left of the sheet, and they update as you add data.

    Also, the "Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Best Overall and Team Statistics" files have been updated, and the EXCEL version now has the same charts as the Works version. Not many changes in this file.

    Here are the file names of the updated files as they appear at KeepandShare for any that would like to download these files:

    UPDATED 2010 Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Roster Data.xlr (Works 7.0)
    UPDATED EXCEL 2010 Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Roster Data.xls
    UPDATED EXCEL Free 2003-2007 PGA Low Rounds.xls
    UPDATED Free 2003-2007 PGA Low Rounds.xlr (Works 7.0)
    UPDATED 2010 Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Best Overall and Team Statistics.xlr (Works 7.0)
    UPDATED FREE EXCEL 2010 Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Best Overall and Team Statistics.xls

    And here is the link for the download:


    If you are unable to check out the files by opening them directly from online, try saving the file to your desktop first. It works for me.

    That's it...good golfin' to everyone...

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